Is it time to switch up your comms system?


Whether it’s between shareholders, employees or customers, clear communication is essential to securing sales, retaining customers and productive work. But for many businesses, achieving good communication isn’t as easy as it seems. One study found that 68 per cent of workers have wasted time at work due to business communication issues. Furthermore, 53 per cent have missed messages entirely, and over one in ten has lost customers.

For many businesses, technology plays a major role in their comms setup. But if your current solution just isn’t delivering what you and your team needs, it might be time to seek out an alternative.

Combining one of the UK’s largest networks with the expertise of a cloud-based technology leader, Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral could be the ideal solution. As a Unified Communications (UC) platform, it encompasses multiple communication channels, including voice, video and team messaging along with easy content and calendar sharing — all in one place. So, what are the key benefits?

Feature rich

One of the main draws of RingCentral is the vast array of features it offers users. High quality video and voice calling, in-depth analytics and extensive reporting capabilities are just the start of what RingCentral can offer. It’s AI-powered meeting features span from the production of meeting minutes and highlight videos to live transcription and remote desktop control, ultimately cutting down time employees spend on administrative tasks and allowing them to focus on more important work.

Furthermore, it’s possible to integrate with RingCentral with hundreds of popular business apps, including the Microsoft Suite and Google Workspace. This ensures that employees can switch between platforms as necessary, wasting minimal time at loading screens or moving files between different platforms.

Available anytime, anywhere

RingCentral boasts an incredible six-year uptime record, with a 99.99 per cent service uptime guarantee. With the guarantee extending across its entire global customer base, you can feel assured that you’ll get the same level of service wherever you are in the world. It also comes with built-in enterprise-grade security and full compliancy with both local and international data regulations, taking these worries out of your hands.

Contract simplicity

Keeping track of different user licenses and expiry dates can be both an administrative and financial challenge. With RingCentral, all contracts have the same end date, even if you choose to purchase additional licenses later. And those looking to invest in a more long-term UC strategy can benefit too, with free set-up for contracts at a length of 36 months or more. Free hardware and frequent service reviews are also included.

Future ready

The Public Switched Telephone Network, or PSTN, is the UK’s legacy phone and ADSL broadband infrastructure. Due to the cost of maintaining this infrastructure and its struggle to keep up with modern demands, BT Openreach will be switching it off entirely in 2025, with support in some areas ending much sooner.

Therefore, any businesses still using services on these lines will need to switch to a digital alternative before the deadline to avoid loss of service. Running on the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, RingCentral is a prime example of a futureproofed technology that is suitable for replacing many legacy comms systems.

Industry recognised

RingCentral has been at the forefront of the UCaaS industry for nearly a decade. Gartner has listed RingCentral in its Magic Quadrant — an evaluation of leading players in major technology markets — for eight years running. So if you’re looking for a solution that puts you ahead of the competition, RingCentral is your best bet.

Regardless of industry, effective business communication is paramount. And so, whatever your business goals are for 2024, an efficient business comms set up can be the important first step in helping achieve them.

Looking to freshen up your comms system in time for the new year? Get in touch with the Crystaline team today to find out whether Vodafone Business UC with RingCentral could be a fit for you.