Kangourou Kids Hops to It with Golden Bees


French childcare recruitment specialist Kangourou Kids has invested in Golden Bees programmatic recruitment technology to help reduce applicant cost and accelerate candidate sourcing , as part of a programme of aggressive growth.  Golden Bees technology will help increase the volume and quality of hard-to-find, qualified childcare applications responding to Kangourou Kids recruitment advertisements, while reducing the time and cost of ads across a diverse range of media.

Programmatic recruitment technology from Golden Bees has already helped to increase the volume of qualified applications: presently, more than 10% of the CVs received by Kangourou Kids agencies come via Golden Bees tools. This has been achieved by a combination of intelligent campaign optimization algorithms, and Golden Bees consultancy on candidate sourcing. Using continuous analysis of the Kangourou Kids advertisements, Golden Bees has identified and eliminated various points of friction in the application process, helping to optimize the performance of Kangourou Kids campaigns.

“Building on our industry-leading employee outreach, we have recognised the need to promote vacancies in alternative online locations,” said Tiphaine de Kerizouët, communications manager at Joey SAS (which brings together the Kangourou Kids, Koala Kids, Beezen and Kiwi Institute brands).  “With Golden Bees, we can operate a multi-channel broadcast of these vacancies, optimized in real time by intelligent algorithms.  The use of statistical analysis to optimize our budgets and boost our offers ‘in the right place, at the right time, with the right profile’ has really enabled us to improve the quality of the applications received. ”

“We spoke a lot with Golden Bees to optimize the candidate experience and best qualify the candidates. Combined with the programmatic algorithms, this has allowed us to halve the cost per CV while increasing our recruitment rate. This is the cheapest cost per CV we have today outside of our own job boards.”

“When specialist, qualified applicants don’t use traditional job boards or generic sites, businesses risk missing out on great talent if they do not optimise their recruitment advertising and send the ads to where the candidate actually is, rather than where received wisdom suggests they might be,” said Ravi Joshi, head of UK, Golden Bees.   “This is the beauty of programmatic recruitment.  Driven by data and AI, it quickly optimises the sourcing process and puts the ads where the best talent will see them, and starts them on an optimised journey, increasing the chances of success whilst decreasing the cost.