Kinaxis Welcomes ProvisionAI to Global Partner Network


ProvisionAI, the only provider of a patented, optimized replenishment transportation scheduling solution, has joined the Kinaxis® (TSX:KXS) solution extension partner program. Through this partnership, joint customers can now extend the visibility and agility gained from the Kinaxis RapidResponse® platform, and its patented concurrent technique, into their transportation scheduling needs; in effect, eliminating latency and siloes.

“The combination of RapidResponse and LevelLoad from ProvisionAI means customers can combine data from their whole network with their transportation data in real time,” said Tom Moore, CEO and founder at ProvisionAI. “By understanding real-time constraints from other parts of the supply chain, customers can create the most up-to-date replenishment transportation schedule that also takes into account lane carrier costs, warehouse capacities and inventory availability. It’s a game changer in supply chain management.”

Kinaxis and ProvisionAI already share several high-profile global customers including Unilever, Diageo, Baxter and Kimberly-Clark.

“Our solution extension partners are vital in the Kinaxis ecosystem, bringing unique and specialized capabilities to our customers” said Conrad Mandala, senior vice president of the global partner organization at Kinaxis. “We are thrilled to welcome ProvisionAI to our global partner program and very excited to about what we’ll accomplish together.”