Leading Law Firm Signs Up To UCN Plus


Multiple award-winning law firm Bott and Co has been one of the first to sign up to a bespoke ‘image survivable feature’ cheque solution created by the TALL Group of Companies.

The UCN Plus® is an image survivable feature (ISF) solution consisting of an encrypted QR (Quick Response) code printed on the face of the cheque, providing a participating bank and its cheque-issuing corporate/SME customers with a robust and comprehensive cheque fraud prevention device which fully survives the cheque imaging process now used in the UK’s cheque clearing system.

Cheque fraud is an ongoing threat and operates in a number of ways with serious consequences for both the issuer and recipient of the fraudulent cheque. There are three main types of cheque fraud – Counterfeit, Forgery and Fraudulently Altered – that can result in a fraudster paying you for goods or services using a stolen or forged cheque; or depositing a fraudulent altered or stolen cheque into your account; or stealing individual cheques or a cheque book from you.

The TALL Group’s patented UCN Plus® ISF covers all codeline and variable data, including payee name, amount and date from the printed cheque, making it an extremely secure fraud prevention device.

Martin Ruda, Group Managing Director, The TALL Group of Companies, said: “It’s really positive to see established law firms like Bott and Co taking full advantage of the UCN Plus® Solution to fight against cheque fraud, considering the high value of some transactions undertaken. It’s a simple and comprehensive package, comprising cheque printing software, hardware, installation services and a supply of cheque stock to assist customers of participating banks who want to infill their own corporate cheques in-house. The solution provides an ideal way of meeting recommended bank cheque fraud prevention measures by the addition of an ISF. As more and more of the UK clearing banks are making this a requirement then the UCN Plus® offers additional security above and beyond the simple UCN providing additional protection particularly on higher value transactions.”

The UCN Plus® solution also includes software and hardware support to maintain cheque fraud effectiveness during its use.

Bott and Co is a multiple award-winning No Win No Fee solicitors based in Wilmslow, Cheshire, with specialist expertise in flight delay compensation, road traffic accident claims and specialist consumer claims.

Gary Froggatt, Finance Director at Bott & Co said that working together with their bank and TALL, they had been able to produce a corporate cheque design that included the UCN Plus®. “We see this as a major deterrent against fraudulent cheque transactions moving forward”, he added.

For more information on the solution visit https://tallgroup.co.uk/tall-secure-print-payment-solutions/products-and-services/secure-print/secure-cheque-printing/image-survivable-features-isfs/ucn-plus-solution/.