Loftware and Tenthpin Announce Strategic Collaboration


Loftware, the global leader in Enterprise Labeling and Artwork Management solutions, and Tenthpin, a globally leading business and technology consultancy for the life sciences industry, today announced a strategic collaboration to jointly endorse and implement Loftware Prisym 360 software for clinical supply labeling.

The partnership supports mutual customers at a time when clinical trial supplies teams are coming under increasing pressure from pharmaceutical organizations. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been realized that it is possible to run more trials, with greater complexity, more quickly. Clinical research is being conducted in more locations with tighter regulations and the need to produce variable, multi-language, regionally compliant labels in days, if not hours, is now crucial.

Loftware, a certified SAP partner, and Tenthpin, a strategic partner of SAP in life sciences co-innovation, will collaborate on Prisym 360 to ensure seamless compatibility with the SAP ICSM (Intelligent Clinical Supply Management) application. SAP ICSM is an advanced solution that helps life sciences companies improve and automate the supply process for clinical trial materials and gain increased visibility into the status of supplies worldwide.

“By teaming up with Tenthpin, we meet the urgent and complex demands for compliant clinical supply labeling that our customers require by delivering an agile, robust, and scalable solution,” said Henning Schwarz, SAP Partner Manager at Loftware. “With this partnership, our customers can modernize their clinical labeling as part of a flexible SAP S/4 HANA transformation.”

Designed for the life sciences market, Prisym 360 meets the complex needs of clinical labeling. It has become Tenthpin’s default choice for label management as part of the SAP ICSM ecosystem, allowing clinical organizations to improve the speed and agility of their labeling requirements.

Dan Silva, Partner Research & Development at Tenthpin, commented: “We have found that there are many challenges when it comes to life sciences labeling, but one key area is the implementation times and seamless integration into an organization’s larger supply chain landscape. We want to fix this. This agreement allows both parties to promote, educate, and implement a leading-edge content and labeling solution to meet the needs of our clinical customers as part of SAP’s ICSM ecosystem.”

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