Logility Maximizes Production Efficiencies with Advanced Scheduling Capabilities


Logility, Inc., a leader in prescriptive supply chain planning solutions, today announced the extension of its robust Manufacturing Optimization solution. Advanced scheduling capabilities such as Synchronous Scheduling and Flexible Scripts are designed to further maximize production efficiencies. These capabilities deliver a highly configurable solution to meet diverse scheduling needs in a wide range of industries, including consumer goods, food and beverage, and industrial durables.

Today the pressure is on manufacturers to maximize margins, so every minute matters in production environments. That’s why the Synchronous Scheduling feature in Manufacturing Optimization addresses a crucial manufacturing challenge by allowing concurrent scheduling of multiple items on the same production resource with identical start and end times. This capability is particularly valuable for industries such as food and industrial durables–for example, in baking, curing, or drying processes where various items need to be processed simultaneously.

Deployed in hundreds of manufacturing environments, The Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform leverages Industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation to continuously sense, analyze, and update activity in digital supply chains. With Flexible Scripts, clients can quickly represent real-world constraints in their manufacturing environment. The solution provides the flexibility to configure scheduling constraints and goals for each manufacturing resource within a plant using low-code development via Python.

“Our clients rely on highly sophisticated manufacturing processes, so we deliver equally sophisticated capabilities to accurately model those processes without lengthening implementation time or compromising solution performance,” said Kevin McInturff, Logility CTO. “With these market-leading capabilities we help ensure the highest utilization possible of equipment and resources.”

As a key solution in the Logility® Digital Supply Chain Platform, Manufacturing Optimization provides the power and flexibility to meet the needs of complex and unique production environments. The solution includes a variety of features to help users optimize production schedules, including:

  • Advanced scheduling algorithms: The solution uses advanced scheduling algorithms designed to find the best possible production schedule, considering factors such as resource availability, demand, and constraints.
  • Configurable environment: The solution can be configured to meet the specific needs of each organization, including the types of products being produced, the production processes, and the resources available.
  • Real-time visibility: The solution is designed to provide real-time visibility into production schedules, so users can quickly identify and address any potential problems.
  • Collaboration tools: The solution includes collaboration tools to help users work together to create and optimize production schedules.

To see the Logility’s Digital Supply Chain Platform in action, visit us at booth 103 at the Gartner Planning Summit November 28-29 or at Logility.com.