M25 closure carmageddon


This weekend marks the third of five M25 weekend closures this year as work is carried out to reduce congestion and improve safety south of junction 10.

With this, some professional drivers may find themselves penalised for not being prepared – especially if they rely on consumer sat nav solutions. Alternatively, if drivers stray from the designated route in favour of a shorter one, they’ll receive additional fines, such as the £12.50 ULEZ charge.

As technology has advanced, it has become commonplace for drivers to rely on online maps and navigation tools – which are often geared towards non-professional drivers and don’t take into account truck-safe routes and requirements. However, effective route optimisation for commercial drivers requires far more insight than simple, ubiquitous directions that can’t differentiate between a commercial vehicle and a two-seat sports car.

Commercial mapping intelligence has evolved beyond simple visualisations to offer a wide range of insights about business and driver behaviour to enhance fleet management.

Smart mapping and navigation solutions not only take into account vehicle specifications, delivery requirements, detour distances and traffic conditions, these tools also enable businesses to navigate the Low Emission Zones throughout the UK and ongoing and future road closures such as the M25.