Manhattan Associates and Twilio Partner to Modernize Customer Engagement

Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) today announced a partnership with Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) todeliver more personalized shopping experiences for retailers. Through this partnership, the companies provide a single unified communications solution that retailerscan use to engage customers across diverse geographies and multiple communication channels.

In the current environment, consumers not only demand the ability to buy or receive products anywhere at any time but also want complete flexibility in how they communicate and engage with retailers. As the premier unified commerce platform,Manhattan Active®Omniis purpose-built for retailers who want to intelligently engage customers throughout the buying journey. Twilio, the leading cloud communications platform, has democratized communications channels to make it simple for companies to dialogue with customers whenever and however.

Today, Manhattan Active Omni supports robust engagement between store associates and customers for personalized communication, appointment scheduling and tracking, personalized Lookbook sharing and product recommendations. Leveraging Twilio’s platform, Manhattan Active Omninow offers a standardized approach to support customer-preferred communication using text or email communication modes with opt-in and opt-out controls.

“The store is no longer just a place to shop, but one critical service venue within the brand that influences other service venues. Stores must be able to communicate with customers on the terms a customer prefers. And the communication needs to be targeted and relevant. This is no longer optional,” said Kevin Swanwick, Manhattan’s senior director of Retail Solutions.

“Manhattan Active Omni has the potential to reinvent how companies engage with their customers,” said Ross Eberhart, VP, Industry ISVs at Twilio. “As a result of our partnership, retailers will be able to better listen to their customers, communicate with them via their preferred channels and act on the insights they’ve gathered through this interaction.”


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