Movu Robotics & Equipment Depot, Inc. Forge Strategic Alliance to Upgrade U.S. Warehouses


Movu Robotics, a global leader in designing, manufacturing and implementing advanced storage solutions and automated warehouse systems, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with EQSolutions, the systems integration division of Equipment Depot, America’s largest independently operated material handling and equipment rental source.

This partnership between Movu Robotics and EQSolutions marks a significant step forward in leveraging advanced technology to address the evolving needs and challenges businesses face in logistics and warehousing. Combining Movu’s accessible robotic solutions for easier automation and EQSolutions’ expertise in integration, the collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions and professional services that enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability for clients across the U.S.

EQSolutions specializes in engineering transformative warehouse and automation solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities, providing a one-source solution to solving a variety of industry challenges. “This collaboration perfectly marries Equipment Depot’s long-standing reputation for providing industry-leading material handling equipment with Movu’s innovative ‘plug and play’ automation technologies,” says Marc Terwilliger, VP of EQSolutions. “Together, we are setting new standards in warehouse efficiency by providing a competitive edge to businesses looking to leverage integrated warehouse solutions and modern innovation.”

Movu Robotics shares the excitement of this partnership. “At Movu Robotics, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of robotics technology to solve real-world challenges. Our solutions are designed to make warehouse automation and robotics not only more accessible but also more scalable. Teaming up with EQSolutions allows us to amplify our impact and deliver accessible plug-and-play robotics solutions with an expert end-to-end full-service integration. By harnessing both organizations’ collective expertise, resources, and capabilities, the partnership aims to drive progress and unlock new opportunities in logistics and warehousing with the power of easier automation.” said Stefan Pieters, CEO of Movu.