Movu Robotics & Reesink Logistic Solutions: A Powerful Alliance Transforming Warehouse Logistics


Movu Robotics, the innovative leader in revolutionary warehouse automation technologies, and Reesink Logistic Solutions, the early adaptor integrating next-level technologies into future-proof automated warehouse solutions, are proud to spotlight their enduring partnership’s success through groundbreaking projects across Europe.

Highlighting their successful long-term collaboration, two flagship projects for the Weinig Group in Germany and B&S in The Netherlands showcase the partnership’s innovative approach to logistics challenges, including a first-of-its-kind venture into next-level cold store logistics.

Tailored Solutions for the Weinig Group

In Germany, the Weinig Group, renowned for its wood processing technologies, will benefit from a compact and high-performance automated pallet & item storage and retrieval system designed by Reesink Logistic Solutions. This cutting-edge system streamlines the flow of parts, semi-finished and finished products, significantly enhancing efficiency and reducing manual handling using a Movu atlas pallet shuttle system. The solution underscores the beauty of a unique fit-for-purpose solution in the manufacturing and processing industry.

Innovative Cold Store Logistics for B&S

The B&S project in The Netherlands takes automation a step further with its unique concept for a pallet-based Goods-to-Person Solution in a cold store environment. Within this project, the Movu atlas pallet ASRS, the Movu ifollow AMRs, the pallet conveying system and the FAST PICK STATIONS are combined into this unique, state-of-the-art and scalable pallet-based Goods-to-Person solution. Both the Movu atlas shuttles and the ifollow AMR’s can operate in temperatures ranging from -25 to +40°C. The B&S solution exemplifies how Reesink and Movu’s innovative technologies can be utilized to meet the stringent requirements of temperature-controlled warehousing while ensuring operational excellence.

The Power of Collaboration

Machiel van den Hazelkamp, Commercial Director at Reesink Logistic Solutions, states, “Our enduring partnership with Movu Robotics is instrumental in our mission to provide our customers with future-proof, next-level warehousing solutions maximizing their competitive position. The projects for the Weinig Group and B&S not only demonstrate our joint capability to tailor our standard products into unique solutions in response to our client’s specific needs but also highlight our commitment to advancing logistics technology in both standard and challenging environments like cold stores.”


Movu Robotics and Reesink Logistic Solutions are pioneering the future of logistics by focusing on high-density storage, scalability, flexibility, sustainability, and the integration of advanced technologies. They’re leading the shift towards eco-efficient operations, ensuring their solutions can adapt to changing market demands using minimal space. By integrating advanced technologies, they’re setting new efficiency standards, making warehousing smarter and more responsive. This strategic emphasis positions them at the forefront of sustainable and flexible logistics innovations, ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges today.

Leaving no warehouse behind with next-level solutions

Movu Robotics, known for its innovative warehouse automation solutions, brings to this partnership its expertise in robotics and automation technology. The Movu atlas and ifollow solutions represent a significant advancement in pallet handling.

With more than 50 years of experience in warehouse automation, Reesink Logistic Solutions brings a wealth of knowledge and a track record of integrating over 850 warehouse automation projects.

Together, Movu Robotics and Reesink Logistic Solutions are set to redefine the standards of warehouse automation, delivering solutions that are not just efficient and cost-effective, but also tailored to the unique needs of each warehouse.