New partnership between TSC Printronix Auto ID & InterVision Global bears first fruit


Perceptor PTXL is the first innovation to emerge from a new partnership between thermal print specialists, TSC Printronix Auto ID, and complex optical inspection solutions expert, InterVision Global.

The joint cooperation sees TSC Printronix Auto ID’s world-renowned barcode verifier, the ODV-2D, and its T8000 printer combined with an unparalleled centralised, cloud-based inspection system. The end-to-end solution, Perceptor PTXL, enables companies to monitor, verify and control their print process across multiple networked printing systems, irrespective of where in the world the devices are located.

“We are delighted InterVision Global has leveraged our unparalleled ODV-2D and T8000 printer technology with a cloud-based system to enable unlimited printers around the world to be connected and managed by one central server,” says Neil Baker, Sales Manager UK, Ireland, BeNeLux and South Africa, at TSC Auto ID Technology EMEA GmbH.

Perceptor PTXL is expected to prove most beneficial to global brands in highly regulated sectors such as automotive, healthcare, life sciences, medical device, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage, where printed barcodes and human readable text must meet minimum quality requirements. Incorrectly printed barcodes, label content or duplicate serial numbers can prove costly in chargebacks for non-conformities and rework, as well as rejected deliveries.

“This integrated solution makes global control of printing processes possible, ensuring labels meet ISO barcode print quality and data content compliance. Perceptor PTXL inspects and verifies every label in real-time. It ensures codes are formatted correctly, or if label sizes are correct or barcode heights are wrong. Every defective label is overstruck and destroyed with no need for manual intervention,” says Mark Worlidge, Managing Director at InterVision Global.

Perceptor PTXL controls the print process so unauthorised labels cannot be printed. Once an authenticated user is logged in and the system is running, labels can be printed and barcodes verified by the T8000/ODV-2D. Once they’ve passed verification, labels are inspected for OCR on human readable text, for blemishes and that data content and patterns match. All this is done in real-time with each failure being overstruck. All data is recorded to the customer’s own Azure Hosted Tenancy which is held and replicated in the cloud ensuring full traceability and an audit trail. Batch information and accumulated serial numbers are all held centrally ensuring that no two systems can duplicate label printing.

Perceptor PTXL overview:

·       Cloud-based integrated solution featuring Printronix Auto ID T8000 printer (4 inch wide, 300 dpi resolution) and ODV- 2D verifier

·       Connects unlimited printers worldwide, managing them via an Azure Hosted Tenancy

·       Available in over 20 languages

·       Faulty labels destroyed and optionally replaced with no interruption to print process

·       No manual intervention or verification required

·       Perceptor PTXL includes OCR, code verification, label content validation, blemish detection, and duplicate checking.


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