nuVizz Recognized in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling


nuVizz, a leading delivery and transportation platform in last mile delivery technology, has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the 2023  Gartner® Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling report.

Gartner defines a VRS solution as “Specialized transportation applications aimed at organizations that directly (e.g., private/dedicated fleet) or indirectly (e.g., contract fleet, crowdsourced fleets) manage shipping assets and resources. These tools are used to develop route plans that meet the delivery objectives at minimal cost and mileage based on the company’s parameters (such as from orders), rules, and constraints.”

Further, the report notes that “VRS vendors continue to invest and are now applying AI/ML technologies to further optimize the routing algorithm. Vendors are also optimizing other aspects of the transportation operation, such as driver and fleet utilization and address validation. Routing algorithms can process new data inputs to provide more accurate, optimal routing, resulting in near-real-time operation control and visibility.”

nuVizz’s artificial intelligence and ML based delivery management and orchestration platform meets the needs of last-mile delivery fleets, carriers, LSPs and agents for both B2B and B2C deliveries. By analyzing historical data as well as real-time conditions, nuVizz is able to route and schedule fleet deliveries in the last-mile and ensure customer satisfaction. Predictive analytics and alerts as well as omnichannel supply chain visibility allow for nuVizz users to effectively and efficiently optimize their last-mile operations.

nuVizz CEO, Gururaj Rao (pictured left) added, “In order for fleets, drivers and customers to find success in the last-mile, they must have access to dynamic and flexible technology that allows for them to orchestrate and optimize deliveries, sometimes on the fly. This is the second Gartner report that has identified nuVizz as a Representative Vendor for Last-Mile Delivery Software, as nuVizz was also recognized in the 2022 Market Guide for Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions.( December, 2022) We believe this continued recognition displays how nuVizz is able to meet nearly every need for operators and agents looking to enhance theirs and their customers’ last-mile experience.”

Additionally, the report identifies, “Although most vendors support both trucking fleets and sales delivery fleets, we see a segmentation in the market between the offerings for both types of fleets. Functionality appears similar when looking at it from a high level; however, the trucking fleets need more scenarios for more complex movements that must align with driving regulations. Sales delivery fleets, on the other hand, operate in a more dynamic environment and in last-mile delivery scenarios.”

nuVizz supports many industry verticals including healthcare logistics, pharma distribution, food distribution and general LSP segment.

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