PeopleCert launches PRINCE2 7, increasing accessibility & sustainability


PeopleCert, the global leader in best practices for IT service management, project, programme and portfolio management, has unveiled the latest version of PRINCE2®, one of the world’s most used and recognised project management methods.

Launched at an exclusive event hosted in London with business and IT leaders, the updated method, presented by PeopleCert, includes the addition of sustainability as a key project performance indicator plus the latest guidance on how projects can leverage AI’s predictive and analytical capabilities for more effective and innovative project management.

With project management qualifications being relevant to almost all professional walks of life, PRINCE2® 7 also aims to make the famous method even more accessible and appealing to a wider range of professionals, not just project managers.

Markus Bause, VP of Product at PeopleCert said: “We are delighted to celebrate the release of PRINCE2 7 with the project management community who supported us in making best practice project management even more relevant and valuable in the fast-changing business environment. The last few years have proved that no sector or job function is immune to disruption, so we’ve evolved PRINCE2 to be applicable to all professions, not just project managers. Whether you’re an event planner or advertising executive, product manager or architect, PRINCE2 7 helps all professionals adapt to change and manage projects effectively, efficiently and sustainably.”

Key updates included in PRINCE2® 7 include:

  1. Universal applicability: PRINCE2® 7 is relevant to all professionals, not only project managers, using simplified language and content which makes it accessible to all. A project-oriented approach can be embraced by those in every role involved in project activities, applying it to any endeavour.
  2. The latest AI guidance:  PRINCE2® 7 integrates the latest AI guidance, enabling projects to leverage AI’s predictive and analytical capabilities for more effective and innovative project management.
  3. Focus on people management: Acknowledging the significance of human capital in project success, PRINCE2® 7 prioritises effective people management, enabling teams to excel and deliver exceptional results.
  4. Enhanced flexibility and customisation: Understanding that each project is unique, PRINCE2® 7 provides enhanced flexibility and customisation options, tailoring the method to suit each project’s specific requirements.
  5. Embracing digital and data management: In an increasingly digitised world, PRINCE2® 7 equips professionals with tools to leverage digital technologies and data management efficiently, ensuring projects stay ahead in the digital era.
  6. Integration of sustainability into project performance: Sustainability is a crucial concern for businesses worldwide. PRINCE2® 7 incorporates sustainable practices, aligning projects with environmental and social responsibility goals.
  7. Compatibility with Agile, Lean, and ITIL: PRINCE2® 7’s adaptability extends to its compatibility with other popular methods like Agile, Lean, and ITIL, ensuring seamless integration for enhanced project performance.