Popular IT Jobs for 2022


Are you looking to get into an IT-oriented career in 2022? Or, if you’re already part of the fastest-growing sector of the economy, do you intend to move up the ladder and take on the next challenge? In 2022, IT is the single hottest area for job growth, profits, job satisfaction, and long-term financial stability. It’s no wonder college students and young professionals are working with employment agents so they can break into the profession or snag a position on the next-up rung of the career ladder.

Average pay far outpaces every other employment segment, even for entry-level workers. One of the most frequently asked questions in school placement offices is, “How can I get into IT?” Employment and guidance counselors typically point newcomers in the direction of help desk jobs, software development training programs, technical writer courses, and computer technician positions. For those who are already in the information technology field and have a few years of experience, one of the most lucrative career options is in the supply chain area, which is currently undergoing a period of intense expansion. Here are more details about the best IT-related positions for 2022.

Analyst on a Help Desk

For many years, the most common point of entry into IT for college students and others has been via the help desk. Analyst positions pay well but are often viewed as a stepping stone on the road to more responsible positions in the sector. Even so, if you possess basic computer skills and are willing to do plenty of on-the-job training, being a help desk analyst is an ideal way to learn the ropes and get a feel for the industry.

Supply Chain Specialist

Supply chain experts in IT are in demand. Managing the logistical phases of the information technology supply chain calls for high-level skills. The journey begins with a targeted training course followed by several years of experience in a diverse range of positions. For those new to the field, landing a supply chain job begins with specialized training. Courses don’t come cheap. Many require one or more college-level prerequisites. Many candidates choose to take out personal loans to cover the cost of these intense training programs. Loans offer borrowers the ability to pay for the entire fee in advance, which often means getting a significant discount over installment pay plans offered by most training centers.

Specialist Writer

Technical writers create official documents, user manuals, and other printed matter that is such an integral part of the information technology realm. While writing is not a direct computer-related job, it does serve as an excellent starting point for those who want to learn more about the sector and become familiar with the unique language of the industry.


Technicians deal with the hardware side of the equation and typically have a high aptitude for building, repairing, and reassembling computers and peripherals. They might also have a keen eye for leading causes of network vulnerabilities and how to avoid them. Entry jobs are plentiful, and most feature short training programs followed by at least six months of assisting a lead technician on their daily duties. For career-minded adults who like hands-on mechanical challenges, working as a technician is one of the more rewarding entry-level positions in the industry, both in terms of pay and job satisfaction.¬†This is why it’s always worth it to get a job in tech, no matter if you are just getting started or are already a veteran.