PTV Group will undertake research as part of project “Charge: Refuelling tomorrow’s Electrified Transport”

PTV Group has been selected as a member of a consortium of companies led by SP Energy Networks (SPEN), including EA Technology and Smarter Grid Solutions, to undertake innovative research in transport electrification.

The Charge project will examine the best way to facilitate the increase in demand on the electricity network through the growth in uptake of electric vehicles (EV’s). It will directly address a key priority for the electricity network stakeholders: “what will be the impact of Electric Vehicles on the network?” by developing cost effective management and smart network solutions to enable and facilitate the transition to electrified transportation.

The role of PTV will be to deploy a transport model in integration with an electricity network model to help the electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in the UK identify optimal EV charging locations that can be installed where and when they are needed. The consortium led by SPEN will fulfil their obligation to the UK regulator Ofgem by publishing the outcomes of the research and development – making available their findings to the other UK DNO’s and stakeholders.

PTV UK & Ireland Director Devrim Kara says: “It is becoming increasingly important to understand the interaction between the take up and demand for Electric Vehicles and the capacity and supply within the electricity networks. The Charge project will deliver innovative research and analysis that will act as a blue print for integrated transport and energy planning for transport electrification”. PTV Group offers state-of-the-art transport modelling software and is at the forefront of innovation in transport and logistics planning and future mobility.