Remote IT support will help small businesses this Jubilee weekend


This Jubilee weekend many businesses will reap the benefit of a two-day public holiday. With street parties scheduled and Brits ready to get out in the sunshine, for many small businesses this will be a great opportunity to grow revenues. On the last four-day bank holiday weekend, spending in pubs, clubs and bars increased by a huge 26%, so this one has big potential for the hospitality industry too, as long as things go according to plan.

However, whether it’s a company that closes for the long weekend, or one that remains open to reap the benefits, this is one weekend where IT systems need to work more reliably than ever. IT teams, who are often on hand to safeguard operations and resolve any crises, often don’t get the chance to switch off and enjoy the break. Businesses owners and IT teams should have the right tools to travel or relax knowing that they can keep their businesses running from anywhere.

Companies that haven’t yet considered a remote IT support solution should see this as an investment, not a cost. Bosses can rest easy, knowing that any IT issues can be resolved quickly, and employee wellbeing is improved by easing responsibility at a time when IT and security have never been more critical to business operations. Ultimately, businesses want to make the most of the Jubilee weekend, while allowing our IT heroes a holiday too.