Renovotec Expands Global Footprint with Two New Offices


Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing provider of end-to-end automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) technology solutions and services for organisations operating throughout the supply chain, today announced the strategically significant opening of two new offices, one serving the Nordic region (Gothenburg, Sweden) and the other in North America (Chicago).

Founded in 2009, Renovotec is driven by a team of highly qualified specialists and backed by an ecosystem of trusted technology partners that includes Honeywell, Zebra Technologies, Ruckus Networks and Qmatic. Over the last decade, Renovotec has pursued an aggressive growth strategy. DigitalAir, its most recent acquisition, gives it a stake in the next wave of Wi-Fi innovation with solutions that span Wi-Fi 6 to best-in-class wireless analytics.

“Today we are launching two new offices in response to surging customer demand for our supply chain technology, our expertise and the experienced boots we have on the ground globally,” said Richard Gilliard, CEO, Renovotec. “We’ve always had a strong focus on global expansion. The entry into the Nordic and North American markets represents a significant milestone in our evolution. By building pivotal partnerships we will further bolster our credibility in these geographies. We are now the largest consultative company in our industry.”

The opening of the Chicago office will provide a platform for Renovotec to build deeper relationships with key US distribution partners and respond to elevating customer demand in the region. North American partners include Zebra Technologies, Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions, Datalogic, SOTI and Ruckus Networks.

Led by industry expert Styrbjörn Torbacke the Gothenburg office and distribution centre will significantly accelerate pan-European sales of Qmatic, customer journey management solutions and services. The partnership between Renovotec and Qmatic was established in the UK a year ago and the ambition is to deliver seamless customer experiences, improved employee experiences and greater operational efficiency to key industries and regions globally.

“Our partnership with Renovotec has been a perfect fit,’ said Mikael Hedlöf, CEO, Qmatic.  “Renovotec provides hardware and service delivery that works seamlessly with our software platforms and the latest and most advanced technologies. With Renovotec experts selling our solutions in the UK and Sweden, we are in a very strong position to increase our foothold in Europe together and deliver our joint vision of creating a world where everyone can access the services they need.”

Renovotec Ltd was 75% acquired by Stockholm-headquartered investment company Röko in March 2021. “The relationship with Röko will give us greater financial firepower, enabling Renovotec to grow more rapidly through acquisition and diversification,” observed Renovotec MD (now CEO) Richard Gilliard at the time.

Now, according to Gilliard, “Renovotec has a presence in every major European region, and across North America. Next stop is Asia. We are building a strong foundation for continued growth.”

As part of Renovotec’s launch into the Nordics, it will be exhibiting at the Logistik & Transport Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 24th & 25th October. In conjunction with key partner and SAP supply chain specialist The Config Team, Renovotec will be showcasing its best-of-breed, end-to-end AIDC technology solutions and services.