Reveel Launches Shipping Intelligence Platform to Provide Companies with Transparency, Clarity & Control


Reveel today announced the launch of its Shipping IntelligenceTM Platform, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based analytics, contract analysis and negotiation solution that will help customers ensure they are always receiving the most beneficial parcel shipping rates, leveling the playing field with carriers.

Reveel’s Shipping Intelligence Platform monitors contracts and alerts users to agreement expirations, utilizes advanced data science and analytics to identify and recommend cost reduction opportunities, enables a continuous improvement process to optimize parcel shipping spend and establishes a first-in-the industry program – the Reveel Peer Index, or RPI – to benchmark shippers against their peers.

The small parcel industry has been a duopoly for many years. Package shipping agreements from the major two carriers are overly complex, with hundreds of terms. Because of their market advantage, the lack of transparency, and the massive increase in volume due to the pandemic, carriers are able to raise rates and increase surcharges almost at will (rates increased by an average of 4.9% at the start of the new year and new surcharges were announced in May 2021).

As any company shipping high-volume parcels knows, shipping performance can mean the difference between gaining or losing market share. Shipping rate increases can also be particularly detrimental in highly competitive markets where margins are low.

With the Shipping Intelligence Platform, Reveel eliminates the complexity and confusion around modern carrier agreements to deliver the data and information shippers need to attain the best rates and terms. Reveel guarantees that any shippers using the platform will realize cost savings of at least 3% and as much as 29%, based on the solution tier selected.

“With the launch of this Platform, we are fundamentally changing the way the industry looks at parcel shipping expenses by giving leverage back to individual shippers,” said Josh Dunham, co-founder and managing partner of Reveel. “For years, carriers have thrived because of complex, confusing agreements that they themselves don’t always adhere to. Shipping Intelligence changes this by providing the individual contract and industry-wide information and transparency needed to level the playing field.”

Reveel increases efficiencies and cost savings through a “flywheel effect” process that follows contract analysis and negotiation with an advanced analytics platform that actively manages, monitors and alerts customers of ways to get the most out of carrier agreements, based on myriad factors including shipping volume and existing terms. Shipping Intelligence arms organizations with industry best practice data and information of singular value in renegotiating existing shipping contracts.

“As a longtime customer of Reveel and a participant in the pilot of its Shipping Intelligence Platform, we’ve seen firsthand how easy it has made it to understand our carrier agreements and identify and secure savings options that we would never have discovered previously,” said Brandon Beasley, VP of Operations at Gunner Kennels. “The visibility gained by being able to quickly analyze multiple agreements and see the overall effect it will have on profitability and shipping spend is revolutionary – and please don’t take that comment as hyperbole. This tool is a game-changer.”

The platform includes the following key features for organizations’ shipping leaders:

  • Free Audit Credits: Shippers no longer have to share up to half of their audit credits with a vendor. With the free version of Reveel’s platform, shippers get to keep 100% of their audit credits.

  • Reveel Peer Index (RPI): Through hundreds of interviews with actual shippers, Reveel has distilled the 6 most important metrics shippers need to manage their shipping costs, called VitalFactors. RPI is a peer index calculation using proprietary data science algorithms, based on millions of shipping data points, that compares a shipper’s VitalFactors against industry peers that share a similar shipping profile. With RPI, shippers will know exactly how well they are performing against their peers – and what needs to be done to improve.

  • Agreement Comparison: Upload competing carrier agreements, choose a time period of data, and see a detailed side-by-side comparison of savings broken out by each service. Agreement Comparison gives shippers full transparency and clarity into highly complex agreements.

  • Agreement Monitoring: Cost savings and efficiencies are provided through groundbreaking Agreement Monitoring technology that proactively alerts shippers of expiring discounts or changes in revenue tiers before they impact the business.

  • Actionable Insights: Advanced algorithms and analytics are utilized to continuously monitor shipping data and extract Actionable Insights that provide practical ideas on how to reduce shipping costs.


“Previously, it had been difficult to quantify whether you were successfully managing your shipping expenses cost-effectively. Without a way to understand what the competition was doing and whether you were matching or exceeding their efforts, success or failure remained guesswork. The Reveel RPI changes that for good,” added Dunham.

The Reveel Shipping Intelligence Platform is available now. There are three tiers available: the free Essential tier, which offers audit credits and peer comparisons; Professional, which adds additional agreement management and actionable insights; and Enterprise, which adds contract analysis, negotiation and white glove service.

For more information on how it can help your organization cut costs while better understanding how your efforts stack up alongside your peers, click here.