Ringover places AI at the heart of customer experience with new tool


Ringover, a global leader in cloud communications and contact center solutions, has launched Empower, a leading AI-powered conversation intelligence platform. The new solution leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze conversations and provide data-driven insights that help sales teams sell more effectively and support teams to accelerate their customer experience.

Acknowledging the relevance of AI in the future of business communications, Ringover and its dedicated AI team have spent over two years developing proprietary technologies capable of meeting the challenges of companies in terms of prospecting and customer relations. This long-term strategy provides a credible alternative in a technological universe controlled by Big Tech.

Ringover began offering AI functionalities in its software in 2022, predominately through a call and voice message transcription module that is available in several languages. With the launch of Empower, the company takes a step further in its AI journey to help SMEs better serve their own customers through conversational analysis.

“Today, no manager has the time to properly listen to or navigate through all of their agents’ conversations,” said Ludovic Rateau CTO and co-founder of Ringover. “But recorded conversations are black boxes, full of valuable information for a company wanting to improve its customer experience. Through Empower, our customers can fully and easily exploit this information, extracted by AI, to help with both their customer relations and business growth.”

Designed to revolutionise conversational analysis, Empower can:

  • Analyze performance real-time during calls
  • Identify key patterns
  • Filter for keywords like competitors and pain points
  • Recommend optimal responses based on consumable insights
  • Inform sales and customer support training

All these actions enable companies to offer their customers and prospects a high-quality, personalised service.

After transcribing calls and providing a summary of key conversation points, based on OpenAI capabilities, Empower helps teams converse with their prospects through augmented analytics like mood of the caller, speech rate and number of interruptions in a conversation. The tool can identify pertinent moments in conversations that agents may want to flag in future calls and also translate transcribed calls into English, French and Spanish. Empower can be integrated with other core business tools, including multiple CRM platforms, to support a unified suite of business communication services.

“We aim to position ourselves as a market leader in business communication software with the launch of Empower. Following the success of ChatGPT, we have added OpenAI technology to quickly offer our customers the most advanced features on the market,” continues Rateau.

Ringover has always been ahead of the game, listening to customers’ needs and developing new technologies. The company now supports over 10,000 businesses worldwide and, in January 2023, launched multi-channel prospecting tool, Cadence. The arrival of Empower completes Ringover’s prospecting product suite and companies that have volunteered to trial the technology already report that it’s revolutionising their way of working and increasing competence among teams.

“Aware that the world of corporate communication is changing and that customer relations are becoming increasingly complex, it is important for us to stay as close as possible to our customers’ expectations and needs. With Cadence, then Empower, we are pursuing our initial strategy: to offer every company a powerful suite of multi-channel customer relations tools,” concludes Rateau.

To learn more about Empower, visit Ringover.co.uk