Savi Receives Orders from Two Major U.S. Defense Agencies for Active RFID Tags

Savi®, an innovator in big data/machine learning analytic solutions, supply chain management software, and sensor technology, today announced that it has received orders from two major U.S. defense agencies for high-performance, data-rich, active RFID tags.

The orders are a continuation of Savi’s 28 years supporting the Department of Defense (DoD) and allied partners’ automatic identification needs. The combined orders of more than 48,000 active RFID tags will join over one million Savi active RFID tags currently deployed by the DoD and international militaries around the world.

“These orders continue to signal strong support for the use of active RFID devices within the in-transit visibility network,” said Rosemary Johnston, Senior Vice President of Operations, Savi Technology. “Through improved visibility, the DoD and international military logisticians are able to make timely decisions on parts availability for critical weapon system maintenance, and timely delivery of food, clothing, munitions, and fuel without the need to order ‘just in case’ safety stocks.”

Savi is currently the sole provider for the DoD RFID-IV contract (#W52P1J-14-D-0014), which has a $102 million ceiling and is in its second and final option year.

As the government considers requirements for the upcoming RFID-V contract, Savi is offering new IoT sensors that quickly communicate RFID information anywhere in the world using cellular transmission capabilities, no infrastructure required. Adding these next-generation sensors to the existing active RFID support will allow the DoD to improve their ability to mitigate risk, reduce excess inventory, and streamline asset management for greater efficiency and in-theater effectiveness.

“Military and civilian government agencies around the world seek next-generation supply chain and asset management visibility solutions. Savi is excited to share our communications-capable IoT sensor technology, which provides lower-cost, in-transit visibility wherever the U.S. military needs it,” said Johnston. “Savi’s goal is to help government and militaries support mission readiness, avoid supply chain disruptions and control inventory costs—we believe our new IoT sensors will be a good supplement to today’s robust active RFID network.”