Seats Inc. Cuts Transportation Costs, Increases Warehouse Efficiency with Wagner Logistics


Seats Incorporated (Seats Inc.), an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and contract manufacturer of seating for transportation, off-highway and industrial equipment, chose Wagner Logistics (Wagner), a leading supply chain management provider, to reduce the company’s existing warehouse footprint by 30%, while creating even closer proximity to a valued customer.

Headquartered in Reedsburg, Wis., Seats Inc. designs, manufactures and markets seating and accessories for operators of vehicles with wheels or tracks, including emergency vehicles, over-the-highway semi-tractors and military vehicles. With hundreds of thousands of manufacturing spaces across the U.S. dedicated to production, Seats Inc. sought to decrease the distance between one of their manufacturing warehouses and one of their customer’s facilities in Edgerton, Kan.

“Wagner’s team of operational, IT and IE support professionals efficiently helped us go live in September of 2022 and Wagner’s professional supply chain associates have been effectively running the operation since,” said Tim Stevens, General Manager, Seats Incorporated. “Wagner’s centralized location matches up well with Seats’ end customer to reduce transportation costs compared to alternative sites we considered.”

Wagner’s multi-client warehousing model proved successful for Seats Inc., as the company was able to move its manufacturing into the same facility as its customer, where Wagner’s team manages all operations. This strategic move prepares the company for the anticipated shortage of around 190 million square feet of warehouse space within the next few years.

“Wagner Logistics takes pride in incorporating our highly trained and experienced team to efficiently manage all of Seats Inc.’s warehousing needs, following a strategic cost-cutting move into the same warehouse as their client,” said Brian Smith, president and CEO, Wagner Logistics. “Finding and securing the best cost optimizing warehouse option available for Seats Inc., resulting in the company’s reduction in space footprint from 50,000 to 35,000 square feet, is a demonstration of our commitment to help our customers provide added value to their customers while utilizing a lean manufacturing and operational budget.”

Specializing in multi-client warehousing, Wagner’s team of experts provides industry-related counsel for handling a wide range of items – from desk lamps to ammunition. Seats Inc. has reduced overfall operational and warehouse space costs while maximizing productivity and ensuring the seamless and secure handling of its products by incorporating Wagner into its business strategy.

“Seats Incorporated trusts Wagner to anticipate, support and solve our supply chain needs whenever we make the call,” said Stevens. “As a matter of fact, we’re currently looking to expand the partnership in alignment with Wagner’s national portfolio of locations.”