Six Fast and Simple Ways to Work With PDFs


It’s hard to imagine how we survived before the creation of the Portable Document Format, which was developed by Adobe in 1992. With PDF files, a user can ensure that formatting for both text and images remains intact regardless of the specific software, hardware, and operating system the user is employing. 

 Today, there are many fast and simple ways you can work with PDFs. Here are six you should know about.

1. Edit PDF Files

The best thing about a PDF is that you can open it regardless of what device and software you’re using. But not all PDF openers enable you to edit PDFs. Often, the files are readable only. 

 But it’s quick and easy to edit PDF files when you use a PDF reader that also functions as an editor. You can then quickly perform actions like amending text, highlighting text, creating fillable forms, blocking out images, signing PDF files, and more.

2. Comment and Annotate in PDF Files

With the right PDF reader and editor, you can also comment and annotate in PDF files, which is beneficial in many ways, especially when sharing documents with others. By adding comments, for instance, you can help to provide more details to help others read the information of a PDF with more context. 

3. Save Different File Types in PDF Format

You can also quickly and easily convert different types of files, such as Word documents, into PDF formats. Whether you want to turn a webpage or an image into a PDF format, you can do so in a simple manner. There are online tools you can use; for instance, you can convert JPG to PDF without losing the layout of the content.

 With the right PDF creator, you can convert all kinds of files into PDF format so that the document or image is easily readable by others when you share it or so that you can edit and comment on those PDF files with ease. 

4. Convert PDF Files

At the other end of the spectrum, you can convert PDF files into other file types simply and quickly by using document file converters. 

 So, whether you need to turn a Word document or a JPG file into a PDF, it’s fast and easy to do so. That can come in very handy when sharing files with people who are unable to open PDF files or performing tasks in other file formats. 

Free Pdf Document illustration and picture

5. Merge Two or More PDF Files

You can also merge PDF files. That means joining separate PDFs into one single file. You could merge two or more PDF files, and reorder or delete the content as required. When merging PDF files, you can also simply do things like add eSignatures. 

 And when you merge PDF files online with PDFSimpli, you can:

  • Edit anywhere and anytime.
  • Access day and night customer support.
  • Use free editing tools.

With PDFSimpli, there’s no need for you to have any expertise. Plus, you don’t need any extensions or add-ons.

6. Secure PDF Files

PDFs are great for keeping your content secure as you can quickly and easily make a PDF file password protected. By protecting PDF documents with open passwords, you can prevent unauthorized users from accessing them. 

 With some PDF security software programs, you can also define restrictions to prevent specific actions from being taken by unauthorized users, such as preventing PDF files from being copied or printed. 

Summing Up

As we have seen, there are lots of different ways you can work with PDFs. 

 To summarize, you have the opportunity to:

  • Edit PDF Files.
  • Comment and Annotate in PDF Files.
  • Save Different File Types in PDF Format.
  • Convert PDF Files.
  • Merge Two or More PDF Files.
  • Secure PDF Files.