Smarter Digital Manufacturing Guide to Get Ahead of the Game


LMAC Consulting are certified assessors for Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) – the internationally recognised standard for Industry 4.0 planning and endorsed by the World Economic Forum – who tailor a Smarter 4.0 roadmap and data analytics pathway while delivering a tangible bottom line benefit.

EAMA (Engineering & Machinery Alliance) constitutes 10 bodies working with government and others to strengthen the machinery and component supply chain in the UK – and their members will benefit from proven organisational processes that deliver significant digital benefits and returns, but in a scalable and pragmatic way.

The guide summarises the different pillars of Industry 4.0, the impact they have on costs and KPIs, as well as giving examples of them in action. SIRI meanwhile measures a business’ current maturity and prioritises the digital transformation dimensions that will have the greatest impact on an SME business, aligned to its strategic priorities.

EAMA Secretary, Jack Semple, says: “This insightful guide is fit-for-purpose for our members and long overdue help and advice after the delays caused by Brexit and COVID. It’s both a training and education solution that gives them quick productivity improvement wins, but also the longer term framework for sustainable change.

“I like LMAC’s logical and down-to-earth approach and they have direct and relevant experience of supporting SME manufacturing companies in both the UK and New Zealand using globally recognised methodologies, whereby everyone benefits by working together.”

LMAC CEO, Alastair Crawford, adds: “Industry 4.0 principles and technology enable manufacturers to keep their advantage and grow in a market constrained by available skills and rising costs – without wasting time and misguided direction and factoring in the change management issue that arise.

“There is much to be gained from going digital in today’s tougher economic climate and we’ll also be giving EAMA leaders some of the skills to do it themselves.  Equally, by combining our expertise and benchmarking we can shape best practice ideas and also look to influence funding, policy and digital support going forward.”

The guide is also available to interested parties and businesses that are not part of EAMA, so get your free copy at: