SML launches new Clarity® RFID In Delivery Vehicle Solution for Proof-of-Delivery


SML, a global leader in retail RFID technology and solutions, has today announced the launch of a new feature of its Clarity® Store solution, designed to eliminate the need for stock receiving at destinations.

The technology utilizes fixed RFID readers placed in the ceiling of trailers and trucks to automate accurate, hands-free, proof of delivery at retail stores.

Currently, retailers face inaccurate management information for last-mile delivery for their products. Without clear visibility of product deliveries, retailers cannot accurately manage inventory levels. This can quickly result in overstocking or understocking of products, ultimately resulting in lost sales opportunities, negatively impacting profit levels while decreasing customer satisfaction.

The new feature in Clarity® Store provides an alternative solution that gives retailers real-time visibility of their last-mile deliveries. The solution is applicable for use in Distribution Center to retail store deliveries, as well as with last-mile deliveries for logistics businesses. The new solution integrates RFID readers from PervasID, with its industry-leading Clarity® RFID platform.

Mounted in delivery vehicles, the technology reads all products at item-level within the delivery vehicle between deliveries. Information is then sent to the SML Clarity® cloud solution, where it integrates with retailers’ and logistics companies’ enterprise systems, updating inventory levels and proof of delivery. The new solution has delivered over 99% accurate inventory levels while reading more than 5,000 items in delivery vehicles in customer pilots.

Dean Frew, CTO & Senior Vice President, RFID Solutions, SML Group (pictured right), says: “Last-mile delivery continues to cause a number of challenges for retailers and logistics service providers, and challenges around inventory management add operational costs and drive poor customer satisfaction. This new solution, leveraging PervasID technology, will remove those hurdles for retailers, enabling real-time visibility of deliveries and opening up a number of ROI levers for a spectrum of customers.”