Softeon Reveals Updated Brand to Showcase Ability to Help Manage Increasing Warehouse Complexity


Softeon, the only tier-1 warehouse management system (WMS) provider focused on optimizing warehouse and fulfillment operations, today announced the launch of its new visual identity. The new brand identity features a modern logo, colors and messaging that reflect Softeon’s mission to deliver a composable WMS platform that eliminates boundaries for customers. The new tagline “Limitless Delivered” reflects this mission to eliminate constraints in the warehouse.

The recent upgrade to Softeon’s unified WMS and WES (warehouse execution system) solution demonstrates how the company is delivering limitless capabilities for customers. Along with the new release, customers will now have access to a bi-annual calendar of scheduled upgrades that spur growth.

“Our customers are at the core of everything we do. As we roll out our new brand identity and software upgrade, we are committed to delivering limitless customer-centric solutions that propel businesses through the ever-changing warehousing challenges,” said Jim Hoefflin, CEO of Softeon. “Softeon is providing limitless solutions and support for some of the world’s most complex, highly automated warehouses.”

Softeon’s latest WMS/WES upgrade includes robotic interfaces and other automation implementation options designed to address the growing customer investment and innovation in warehouse automation.

According to the Gartner report, Use the Right Software to Support Warehouse Automation and Robotics, “By 2028, 80% of warehouses and distribution centers will deploy some form of warehouse automation.”

The report also recommends that a WES be used in “highly complex automated environments and in mixed manual and automated environments: A WES can suggest the best routing for activities based on current loads in manual work areas and automated equipment. A WES also offers the potential for other types of advanced optimization, such as blending wave management with advanced waveless functionality, often incorporating machine learning.”

Softeon’s WES helps supply chain leaders manage broad and complex integration on a single platform, including material handling equipment, robotics, or other enterprise software. The open and integrated nature of the modern warehouse is reflected in Softeon’s new brand.

“At Softeon, we are preparing our customers for what I call the technological battleground of the warehouse, which is the need to integrate and orchestrate all of the work being completed by utilizing automated technology, like a WMS, WES, and autonomous mobile robots,” said Mark Fralick, CTO, Softeon. “We leverage our composable WMS solution for handling warehouse data and processes, which enables orchestration across various devices and systems on the warehouse floor.”

The expanded platform and first rebrand for the company in nearly 20 years signifies a pivotal milestone for Softeon. The new footing for Softeon shows the company’s commitment to providing forward-looking software solutions.

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