Stafford-based business saves over 1.5 MILLION units of used IT from landfill


Stafford-based circular IT provider Stone, A Converge Company, is proud to announce that its award-winning Stone 360 app has helped organisations across the UK save over 1.5 million units of used IT from going to UK and international landfill sites.

Stone shares this latest milestone ahead of International E-Waste Day on October 14th, an annual event established by the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Forum to raise awareness of the need to recycle e-waste responsibly.

The company launched Stone 360 in 2020 as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting private, public and education sector organisations with their sustainability goals and e-waste challenges.

According to data from Uswitch, the UK generates the second-highest amount of e-waste per capita in the world, and by 2024, the country will likely overtake Norway in becoming the world’s largest contributor.

Since its launch, the Stone 360 app has been downloaded more than 42,000 times and has enabled more than 2,450 organisations to dispose of their unwanted, or outdated, hardware responsibly.

Devices collected via the Stone 360 app are typically refurbished for future use or dismantled so their materials can be recycled responsibly. To date, the app has saved an impressive 1,502,903 units of unwanted IT from going to landfill, where Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in IT can adversely affect human health, food chains, and the environment.

Craig Campion, director of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) sales at Stone said: “At Stone, we are committed to helping our customers push boundaries and balance success with sustainability. We want to encourage more organisations to see the value of sustainability, and demonstrate how so much of the tech we discard today can actually be put to great use.

“Launching the Stone 360 app has allowed our customers to make significant strides when it comes to disposing of their tech responsibly, providing them with quick and easy collection and confidence that their data will be cleansed and devices recycled to the highest industry standards at our ITAD facility.”

“We also offer a variety of incentives, such as in-app cash rebates, social value reports and a tree-planting scheme, to ensure our users get the most out of their recycling efforts.”

In addition to being the only UK tech reseller with an onsite recycling facility, Stone is also making a difference via a series of strategic partnerships with carbon footprint platform Ecologi and The National Forest.

Stone and Ecologi plant trees in recognition of collections via the Stone 360 app, which drives additional carbon offsetting for customers. Users can track and monitor their contribution via a ‘virtual woodland’, which has amassed more than 8,300 trees since the app’s launch. In addition, Stone’s partnership with The National Forest will see 400 trees planted every year.