Steps to Fix “macOS Cannot Verify This App Is Free From Malware” Error


The “macOS Cannot Verify This App Is Free From Malware” error has become very common between many Mac users these days. It can be difficult to know where this error comes from. And it can be even more challenging to try and solve it. 

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Thankfully, we have a list of solutions that you can use to eliminate this issue.

Use the Terminal

Using the Terminal is a great approach because it can help you terminate the warning very quickly. Open your Terminal, and then you can insert the following command “sudo spctl –master-disable”. You are required to insert your password, then the warning will disappear.

It’s an excellent idea because you can stop the error in its tracks. Once you use this command in your Terminal, you will automatically allow apps downloaded from Anywhere. So that’s certainly something to consider, you can go back to the Privacy settings and then switch accordingly based on your needs.

Opening the app safely

If you receive the “macOS Cannot Verify This App Is Free From Malware” message, that doesn’t necessarily mean the app is infected. It just means it didn’t come from the App Store, so Apple did not verify it in any way. There might be a chance it has malware, but there might also be a chance that’s not the case. 

Researching the app and seeing if it comes from a trusted dev goes a long way. You also want to be certain that you are using only software from sources you know. That way you can avoid problems and ensure everything is working exactly as expected. 

Bypassing security blocks

You can do that simply by entering the Privacy settings and allowing app downloads from specific sources or from anywhere. It does make sense to have a dedicated Mac cleanup app which automatically identifies any malware. That way if any malware does go through, you can avoid problems. It’s an excellent approach and something that will deliver an excellent result every step of the way. That’s what makes it an excellent option to consider in a situation like this.

Should you allow the installation of any app?

It’s always crucial to know the origin of the app. Once you know that, it becomes much easier to narrow down any problems. Most of the time, installing apps can be problematic if you don’t know where they come from. So having this error is certainly something to take seriously. You can use an antivirus to download and check the file right away.

Or, as we said, using a Mac cleanup tool can also identify any virus right away. Having a backup system and an anti-malware app can help quite a bit, and it’s one of those things you will find extremely dependable. In addition, fixing such problems will only make things easier, without any inconsistency or lack of convenience. At the end of the day, following the aforementioned ideas can help remove any issues, while still installing the apps you want.