Supply chain solution announces new product to enhance supply chain visibility & decision making


Flowlity, an innovative AI-based supply chain planning and forecasting solution, has developed a new product that will enhance supply chain visibility and decision making for businesses. It will support businesses in three key ways – enabling them to free cash flow, ensure visibility on supply chains and make better decisions to align operations on strategic goals.

The solution that will launch in 2023, has been developed by Flowlity following conversations with supply chain directors to better understand their needs. It was noted that in the context of highly volatile demand and supply, it was becoming harder for businesses to understand how current plans would meet company objectives. They expressed they were experiencing a lack of a high-level operational view of operations and a lack of a centralised, collaborative, trackable action plan. This highlighted a need for a tactical solution, to help decision makers make better decisions for the six months ahead.

Jean-Baptiste Clouard, CEO at Flowlity said: “When speaking with decision makers and supply chain directors about what they felt they were lacking, it became apparent that a solution was needed to help decision makers make more informed decisions and also offer better visibility across the supply chain.They felt they were missing a platform to make data-based decisions in the short-mid-term, and that they couldn’t quantify the costs, risks and opportunities to manage the business from a supply chain perspective. The new business solution we have developed is designed to address these challenges and help meet corporate goals.

“The tactical solution will work alongside our established operational solution, resilient planning. By combining the two, businesses can ensure an efficient and effective approach that meets demand and supply, and helps to steer the day-to-day activity at a strategic level.”

With the ambition of getting closer to a digital twin solution, the Flowlity solution enables supply chain decision-makers to:

  • Have complete visibility across the supply chain: the solution identifies and anticipates ongoing or upcoming disruptions and enables you to create simulations. These results help to react faster compared to competitors and maintain a stable market position and revenue.
  • To optimise visibility and communication across departments for different stakeholders: it helps to identify the impact of disruptions on finances, product availability, marketing plan, inventory value target and delivery performance – which helps to make an accurate business plan.
  • To run different scenarios at any level and evaluate their efficiency: this ensures optimised decision-making and means simulations, decisions and planning are closely aligned with business goals with end-to-end visibility.

Josep Tascon Estrada, Supply Chain Director at Saint-Gobain Sekurit Service, said: “As Flowlity’s first client of their operational solution, for me to join them in this new stage of their development was by default. Also, it was a great opportunity to challenge ourselves on the acceleration of innovation in our processes, which is the heart of our ambition to continuously improve our customer experience.”

Armed with its current operational solution, an innovative AI-based tool and unique planning and stock optimisation methodology called ‘Resilient Planning’, Flowlity is already working with several companies in the manufacturing and retail sectors, such as Saint-Gobain, Miba, and Bosch. For La Redoute, the software has already led to an inventory reduction of 40% and at e-commerce retailer Camif, stock shortages have reduced by 10%.

Earlier in 2022 Flowlity secured over £4 million in funding, led by Fortino Capital, to expand throughout Europe. This funding is enabling Flowlity to develop in order to better serve the needs of customers. It had primarily been used to accelerate its development with the aim of becoming an industry leader, by providing innovative ways of reducing waste across the entire supply chain – enabling companies to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Flowlity has continued to grow and expand this year to achieve business objectives. In May, it announced the appointments of Yoann Couillec as Lead Software Engineer, Grégoire Reuter as Product Manager and Ludovic Lemerle as Vice President of Sales. Earlier this year, it also welcomed Peter Schram, former Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, and Edouard Fourcade, former Managing Director EMEA at Anaplan, to the board. Flowlity hopes to expand its current team of 30 employees to around 50 by the end of the year.

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