Synergy project manager hailed a rising star


Technical Project Manager, Charles Thompson, of Synergy Logistics has been named a winner in the Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2024 Pros to Know award.

This recognition is in the ‘Rising Stars’ category and makes Charles – age 38 from Denver, Colorado, but who hails from Northern Ireland – one of only 25 up-and-coming industry achievers listed globally.

The Pros to Know award recognizes outstanding executives whose accomplishments offer a roadmap for other leaders looking to leverage supply chain for competitive advantage.

Charles is a highly successful project manager thanks to both his strong technical knowledge and direct experience. Coming from a warehouse background, his industry knowledge is second to none and his primary focus has long been on WMS implementations, from an end user and service provider perspective. Consequently, he is adept in recognizing and defining key industry practices for different warehouse environments, which is key in providing an elevated level of service and solution delivery to customers.

Smitha Raphael, Chief Product & Delivery Officer of Synergy Logistics, said: “This accolade is very much deserved. Charles is a key player in Synergy’s new agile implementation solutions, which resolve the need for rapid deployment in larger, more complex enterprise integrations. He skillfully adapts and tailors his knowledge and experience on each project he is involved with, to not only solve customer challenges, but to also secure improvements and margin gains across their operations.”

As the continued growth of automation needs increases the demand for adaptability in the supply chain and customer operations, Charles is continually improving his skillset with additional exposure to change management methodologies.

In the last 12 months, Charles has also been lead project manager in Synergy’s maiden implementation of SnapControl, a game changing and award-winning multi-agent orchestration (MAO) solution that orchestrates all automation devices and robotic systems within warehouses from one centralized and convenient platform.

The project, with a rapidly expanding US based e-tailer, resulted in a sixfold increase in productivity thanks to SnapControl determining the quality of manual versus automated pick tasks and identifying the manual picks required in areas serviced by AMRs. This has translated into labor savings of over half a million dollars and the company now saves over $40,000 per week, with an impressive investment payback period of just 23 weeks.