Tai Software and Greenscreens.ai Revolutionizing Broker/Shipper Relationships


Tai Software and Greenscreens.ai today announced an expanded partnership providing a game-changing tool for brokers and shippers alike. The expanded partnership now allows the end customer, the shipper, to receive instant sell rates from their broker partners through Tai TMS. This visibility eliminates the need for multiple steps in the process of receiving a quote, streamlining the process of receiving a quote and booking a load.

“By harnessing the power and accuracy of Greenscreen’s ability to predict pricing, brokers can now expedite their ability to quote customers, thereby significantly enhancing the broker-shipper relationship,” said Daniel Ely, Chief Product Officer, Tai. “This is a significant step forward in our mission to make freight management more efficient and user-friendly.”

With this updated tool, shippers can input their information and instantly receive a rate from their broker partner. If the rate is satisfactory, they can immediately book the shipment, initiating a streamlined process for securing a carrier. Saving shippers time, while enabling them to commit to a shipment quickly. This alternative method for receiving rates also eliminates the need for requesting a quote, making the process more efficient for both brokers and shippers.

Not only does this partnership benefit brokers and shippers, but it also strengthens their relationships. By providing brokers with a tool that makes their job easier and more efficient, they can build trust and credibility with their shipping customers. This ultimately leads to stronger and more successful relationships between brokers and shippers.

“The trust between brokers and shippers is the bedrock of our industry,” added Dawn Salvucci-Favier, CEO and Chief Product Officer of Greenscreens.ai. “We believe that giving shippers the ability to directly request spot quotes from their Broker’s not only improves efficiency but also reinforces the trust and transparency that are vital to these relationships. The shared technology between Tai and Greenscreens.ai empowers all parties with the information they need to make the best decisions faster, strengthening the ties that make our industry strong.'”

With the Tai and Greenscreens.ai partnership, the process of securing a carrier and booking a shipment has been revolutionized. This powerful tool provides valuable information, streamlines the process, and strengthens relationships between brokers and shippers.