Tai TMS Grows Concept Logistics’ Carrier Network by 60%


Tai TMS (Tai), a fully integrated freight broker platform for freight management and transportation, today announced that Concept Logistics (Concept), a non-asset based logistics provider, has grown their brokerage by 57% YoY 2021-2022 and 60% YoY 2022-2023 through their implementation of Tai.

Concept’s need to grow their carrier network required a TMS that could grow with them. Tai’s strong integration network allows for Concept to leverage carrier and capacity tools, like Parade.ai (Parade), from a single point-of-truth. This digital command center of freight data is now empowering Concept to not only grow their brokerage, but also take the next step in customer satisfaction and fulfillment.

“The integration of Tai and Parade gives us creativity, “ said Greg Finnerty, VP of Operations at Concept Logistics. “The tool allows us to use our systems in new ways. A lot of vendors don’t allow for that kind of configuration.”

By implementing Tai, Concept was able to automate some of their load booking processes and gain better visibility through a one-page platform view, with all data translating seamlessly into a single point-of-truth. Through Tai’s strong integration network, Concept began leveraging Parade’s freight matching and automated carrier outreach tool, enabling the company to better manage their capacity and automate freight matching, carrier outreach, quoting and booking.

“Since adopting forward thinking technological solutions, Concept’s operations are now more streamlined than ever before, allowing us to build stronger relationships with carriers and optimize their capacity procurement,” continued Finnerty.

Concept, like many freight brokerages, faced significant challenges in keeping track of their carrier network’s capacity and procuring loads at the right price. Freight brokerages have relied heavily on institutional knowledge to keep track of their carriers’ capacity, preferences and other important data. This approach is time-consuming and increases risk.

Currently, Concept has 746 carriers in their network that are hauling 20 or more loads a month. This reliable capacity and relationship has allowed for Concept to not only grow as a brokerage, but also become a better and more dependable partner to their customers.

“Technology is make or break for freight brokers in today’s competitive and crowded environment,” said Walter Mitchell, CEO, Tai. “We pride ourselves on having a one-stop platform with deep integrations that allows for users to translate and understand data without having to sift through multiple files or websites. Concept’s use of Tai TMS and Parade’s capacity solution is a perfect example of how technology can not only simplify your operations, but also uncover opportunities you didn’t even know you had in front of you.

To read the full results of Tai’s work with Concept and integrations with capacity solutions, like Parade, access the complete case study https://tai-software.com/solutions/turning-a-difficult-situation-into-a-tech-opportunity/