Tech Leader’s Call For AI ‘Pause’ Over Risks To Humanity


In response to Tech Leader’s Call For AI ‘Pause’ Over Risks To Humanity, Scott Opitz, says that pausing AI development is like putting the toothpaste back in the tube.

AI applications are pervasive, impacting virtually every facet of our lives. While laudable, putting the brakes on now through a voluntary pause may be implausible. What’s needed is a concerted and good-faith effort between industry and legislators to pass common-sense regulations that espouse ethical AI principles based on human-centered values of fairness, transparency, and accountability.

For example, the draft EU Artificial Intelligence Act calls for rigorous conformance testing of high-risk AI systems before they can be placed on the market, conducted by independent bodies under the guidance of the European Artificial Intelligence Board. The proposed EU Regulation, pending ratification, aims to achieve the purpose of the pause – “implement a set of shared safety protocols…audited and overseen by independent outside experts.”

More than a pause is needed given the enormous socio-economic implications of AI technologies, with a projected contribution of $ 15 trillion to the Global GDP by 2030 (Word Economic Forum).  Harmonization of AI regulation globally should be considered a high priority.  Globalization of AI standards will benefit all, which must balance innovation and economic opportunity while safeguarding against nefarious uses and mitigating adverse outcomes. That is why companies like ABBYY have developed and proactively published their commitment to trustworthy AI and we advocate for more companies to do so.