The Biden Administration’s ten year national cybersecurity strategy simply isn’t effective


Today, the White House announced their National Cyber Strategy. It’s main aim has been to alleviate the burdens put upon SMEs and individuals and ask more of tech providers. As stated by Acting National Cyber Director Kemba Walden, the act will “rebalance the responsibility for managing cyber risk onto those who are most able to bear it.”

The Biden Administration’s national cybersecurity strategy is a step in the right direction toward making a real and lasting impact on building resilience throughout our critical infrastructure. However, having a ten-year strategy simply isn’t effective. We understand so little about technologies like quantum and AI today, it’s hard to imagine what the impact of technology will be on security in ten years.

If we’ve learned anything the past few years it’s that breaches are inevitable, so it is essential that organizations, particularly critical infrastructure, reduce their risk to cyberattacks ASAP, not in ten years.