The innovative Movu escala 3D bin shuttle system took 1st place & receives “Product of the Year 2024” award


The Movu 3D shuttle shuttle system “escala” has been awarded as “Product of the Year 2024” by the readers of the logistics trade magazine Materialfluss. After the Movu ifollow and the Movu atlas, the next family member from the Movu portfolio has now also received an important award.

Votes were cast for products and solutions in five categories, with Movu escala took 1st place in the ‘Picking technology”, which was judged on three main criteria. First, that the product is technically mature and available on the market. Secondly, that it stands out significantly from its market competitor thanks to innovative features. Finally, the entry offers customers a clearly recognisable benefit.

The award winning Movu escala is the next generation, flexible robotic automated bin storage and retrieval sub-system – for even the smallest applications of bin-compatable products. Robots move along a sophisticated rail track that connects every location point within the dense storage and retrieval rack – from fellow stow Group company, stow Racking – transferring between levels via ramps. This eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive conveyors, lifts, service aisle access and sequencers. Intelligent management software, combined with the innovative rack design, allows sequencing of bins at multiple points within the system and at the goods-to-person workstations.

Jos De Vuyst, CEO of stow Group, said: “We are delighted to have received this award and would like to thank all readers who voted in our favour. The award confirms the innovative strength of the stow Group and of Movu Robotics and motivates us even more in our endeavours to develop advanced and accessible logistics automation solutions for all customers, regardless of whether they are starting out in automation or expanding further.”


About Movu Robotics

Movu Robotics, member of stow Group, is a leading international warehouse automation company that stands out by bringing easier logistics automation solutions to the world’s warehouses. The company operates globally and employs more than 300 employees across Europe and the US. Movu Robotics offers a complete portfolio of automated technologies for efficient warehouses. This includes the pallet shuttle “Movu atlas” for multiple deep storage, the AMR solution “Movu ifollow” for collaborative picking or transport of pallets, the 3D bin storage and fulfillment system “Movu escala” and the integrated picking robot arm “Movu eligo”. All Movu systems are controlled and managed via their own warehouse execution software.

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