The Microlise Clearvision Camera Solution – Supporting Safety Outcomes & DVS Compliance


At Microlise we’re committed to developing technology solutions that help operators to manage and reduce risk while safeguarding drivers and other road users. If like many operators, you are beginning to focus on getting your fleet Direct Vision Standard-ready, the Microlise ClearVision multi-camera solution, which integrates with our telematics platform, will provide the visibility and peace of mind you need to safeguard your company reputation, your drivers, and other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

ClearVision provides a big-picture perspective of what’s happening to, in, and around your vehicles at any point in time and when combined with other ‘Safe System’ components, allows you to manage a DVS-complaint fleet.

A nearside vehicle sensor system alerts drivers to the presence of vulnerable road users, while an audible vehicle-manoeuvring alert on the same side of the vehicle warns road users when the vehicle is turning left. Pictorial stickers provide an important visual alert, highlighting various danger spots and potential hazards around the vehicle. However the Microlise offering extends far beyond DVS requirements with options for offside, rear and driver- facing cameras recording footage that is downloadable through integration with Microlise safety solutions.

According to Stephen Watson, Product Director, “The Microlise Clear Vision solution protects drivers and improves safety outcomes for everyone on the road including the most vulnerable of users.  An in-cab screen displays footage from nearside, offside and rear blind-spot cameras. Activation of the nearside / offside cameras are triggered through the indicators, while engaging reverse gear activates the rear camera.”

“The system also supports road-based incidents, accident reporting and driver performance management by utilising high-speed mobile networks and state-of-the-art file compression to record and transmit video clips immediately prior to an incident or in the case of a near miss.”

“While DVS compliance will loom larger on everyone’s radar as we count down to March 2021,  an overarching safety solution goes far beyond it  – enabling driver peace of mind, strengthening safety culture, protecting organisations from malicious claims and improving outcomes for everyone on our urban and rural road network “ concluded Watson.

Driven by safety to provide industry-leading, integrated fleet technology, Microlise is the UK market leader across HGV telematics, with a current installed base of over 500,000 global assets. The company works with many of the transport industry’s leading operators, including 14 of the UK’s largest retailers and with industry heavyweights such as MAN Truck & Bus, Knorr-Bremse and JCB.