Tompkins Robotics Launches tSort3D Mobile Robot


Tompkins Robotics launched the new tSort3D mobile robot, designed to increase the number of sort destinations while reducing the footprint of a system. tSort3D allows 6 to 8 times the sort destinations in the same space as other traditional automated sortation solutions, provides for thousands of sort destinations, volumes up to 20,000 an hour, and facilitates a single, very large batch pick. The system is ideal for fulfillment of items for customer e-commerce orders and other fulfillment flows such as store replenishment and reverse logistics.

“tSort3D can handle the widest range of products compared to other automated sortation solutions on the market,” says Tompkins Robotics’ President & CEO, Mike Futch. “tSort3D uses a tray as the carrier, while other solutions use a cross belt. Tompkins Robotics’ unique tray design ensures that round, cylindrical, and oddly shaped items are compatible with our system. We can now deliver sortation designs that connect thousands of sortation destinations from any point of induction.”

Tompkins Robotics is recognized as the leading AMR vendor for sortation technology by Interact Analysis in their 2021 Mobile Robot Market Report. The report, led by Ash Sharma and Jan Zhang, highlights the “robust growth for mobile robots with revenues reaching $18 billion in 2025.” Sortation growth has surpassed that of the previous year and is expected to continue accelerating due to changing buying habits, higher returns, and the proliferation of e-commerce.

tSort3D is modular, allows customers to implement quickly, can grow and change as their operational needs evolve, and greatly multiplies the destination density and volume of the sortation process. A tSort3D system is mated with the Tompkins Robotics tSort solution for item sortation loading and routing the items to modules for order consolidation. The system can be deployed in sites as small as the backroom of retail stores and up to very large Distribution and Fulfillment Centers.

“The capabilities of tSort3D far exceed other dense sortation systems on the market today,’ said Futch. “This solution solves a pressing need in distribution and fulfillment operations that no previous automation solution has fully addressed.”