Top 10 Software Development Companies In Reston, Virginia


Software development plays a vital role in the digital landscape. In Reston, you will find a thriving tech ecosystem with a multitude of software development experts to transform your ideas into reality. 

So now, let’s explore the best players in this game with our top 10 software development companies in Reston, Virginia

All the companies we mention on the list have distinguished themselves with their expertise, customer satisfaction, and track record of successful projects. High-quality products and user experience are their commitment. 

We will delve into the world of software development and help you find your best partner! Then, you can get diverse services for your needs. 

Why Would You Need A Software Development Company?

Software development is important in our lives as it solves tons of our problems. Your business needs a software development company, too, for these reasons:

Time and Cost Saving

Software development can be a complicated and time-consuming process because it involves multiple stages. If you fail to handle it, your resources will be wasted.

In this case, consider working with a software development company to get you covered. Your partner has the expertise to efficiently manage different aspects of the project, reducing time and ultimately saving costs. 

Agile method

Many software companies follow agile methodologies that allow for flexibility and adaptability throughout the project. 

Besides, agile methods enable better collaboration and faster feedback. The improved productivity will result in higher-quality software. 

In-house experience

A software development company employs a team of skilled professionals with diverse expertise. They have a deep understanding of various coding languages and technologies. Their knowledge and experience will, therefore, enhance the quality of your software. 

Strategic focus

Many businesses outsource software development to free up their internal resources. Then, they have to focus on their core business operations and strategic initiatives. 

Instead of paying close attention to software development, you can rely on the skills of the experts. Your software still aligns with your business goals. 

Risk management

Developing software involves risks, such as technical challenges and security issues. Yet, custom software development companies have experience in managing such risks. They also provide ongoing support to ensure your software remains up-to-date and secure after deployment. 

Top 10 Software Development Companies in Reston, Virginia

Reston has the talent and expertise to fuel your success. Its software development scene offers the perfect partners to bring your ideas to life. You have many choices, but the best Reston software development agencies are: 

1. Saigon Technology

Company size: 400+


  • Offshore Software Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software QA Testing
  • DevOps Services
  • Software Outsourcing Services
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • Offshore Software Testing Services
  • Software Product Development
  • AI Development Services
  • SaaS Solution Development Services
  • MVP Development Services
  • PoC Development Services 

Saigon Technology is one of the best software development companies in Reston, VA. Aside from the USA, this company, with offices in Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, and Switzerland, offers cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide. 

Saigon Technology has earned recognition for its expertise in building advanced software solutions that empower startups, SMBs, and enterprises. Since its inception in 2012, this software development agency has successfully delivered numerous projects, establishing itself as a trusted partner in the industry. 

The company specializes in software development tailored to your specific needs. Its team conducts in-depth UX research and uses a user-oriented approach to develop digital products. Hence, their solutions can effectively address user problems. 

Besides, Saigon Technology has a team of developers with extensive experience creating software across various platforms. They always work to fulfill your business needs and comply with industry standards. 

2. TkXel

Company size: 700+ 


  • Web App Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • QA Testing
  • Mobile App Development
  • DevOps
  • Embedded Software Development

TkXel has the top 2% of experts in the field, making its way to becoming one of the best software development providers in Reston. With TkXel by your side, you can access a unique blend of talents and innovative technological approaches. 

TkXel possesses a vast library of tools and technologies to propel your software to new heights in the market. The comprehensive toolkit provides a strong boost to help your idea stand out. 

Besides, TkXel assists you in planning digital strategies that commence with MVPs. This company’s goal is clear: to deliver tangible business value. And finally, you can gain a solid position in your industry. 

Additionally, TkXel follows agile practices. Thus, its team of highly-qualified developers can expedite project delivery without compromising quality. 

3. Appian

Company size: 2,000+


  • Process Automation
  • Data Fabric
  • Web And Mobile Experience
  • Process Mining

As one of the top software development firms in Reston, Appian helps organizations quickly create and use advanced digital software solutions. Then, they can improve efficiency and achieve better business results. 

Appian specializes in automating business processes. Its clients can also access a platform that covers everything needed to design, optimize, and automate complicated workflows. 

Plus, the company has earned the confidence of the world’s most innovative businesses. These organizations rely on Appian to enhance their workflows, unify data, and optimize operations.

One of the best things when working with Appian for your software development is that the company can deliver your project fast in just eight weeks. Hence, you can save costs and start your next plan sooner. 

4. Ace Info Solutions

Company size: 500+ 


  • Advanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence 
  • Enterprise Digital Modernization and Systems Integration
  • Cloud Adoption and Infrastructure Optimization

Ace Info Solutions is a leading provider of enterprise digital solutions and offers the best Reston Virginia software development services. Its cutting-edge technologies and methodologies support federal modernization mandates and digital transformation initiatives. 

AceInfo is famous for its agile transformation with various methodologies, such as Kanban, Scrum, Elan, and SAFe. With an end-to-end agile lifecycle management approach, the company ensures efficient project execution. 

Besides, AceInfo embraces API-driven architecture and microservices to facilitate smooth systems integrations. Hence, your business can scale and adapt to changing demands. 

Aside from software development, AceInt harnesses open-source technologies for software analytics, automation, and infrastructure maintenance. All these efforts guarantee you can get flexible solutions for your business growth. 

5. ScientiaMobile

Company size: <50


  • Mobile Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Mobile Data Analytics

Since its debut in 2011, ScientiaMobile has provided software solutions for operating in different industries, including eCommerce, finance, healthcare, consumer applications, and security. 

These days, mobile applications have gained significant prominence as the convenient means of accessing the Internet. Three out of five Americans use their mobile devices first to surf the web. Hence, ScientiaMobile focuses on developing mobile apps. It’s also the core of the company. 

ScientiaMobile takes Responsive Web Design (RWD) to the next level by integrating WURFL. This combination enables tailored content delivery and improved user experience. 

Furthermore, ScientiaMobile helps businesses present a seamless and immersive mobile experience for their users. They can also work with optimal layout and navigation. 

6. XB Software

Company size: 200+ 


  • Web Application Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • UX/UI Development and Design
  • QA and Software Testing
  • Front end Development
  • DHTMLX Customization
  • Webix Customization
  • Application Modernization
  • Dedicated Developers Team

XB Software is a seasoned software development company with over 14 years of experience. Its expertise in the industry will captivate and delight clients for sure. You won’t want to miss impressive Reston software development solutions from this provider. 

In addition to creating new software, XB Software excels in adapting existing apps to follow market demands. The seamless modernization process ensures that your software features cutting-edge technologies without the need to build from scratch. 

What’s more, XB Software offers thorough software testing services during the development cycle. Since it prioritizes quality assurance, you can expect robust and reliable software solutions. 

When it comes to integrating and tailoring complicated DHTMLX components in the software, XB Software has an in-depth understanding and skills to handle even the most intricate requirements. 

7. Leidos

Company size: 10,000+


  • Cyber Operations
  • Digital Modernization
  • Integrated Systems
  • Mission Operations
  • Mission Software Systems

Headquartered in Reston, Leidos has a global presence spanning over 400 locations. This big company works in the fields of IT, defense, and aerospace. 

Leidos prioritizes the provision of secure and high-quality software at a rapid pace. Its approach involves disciplined processes, reusable frameworks, automation, collaborative methodologies, and deep domain expertise. 

Through strategic practices, Leidos enables the development of mission software systems. Their products meet strict security requirements while having efficient delivery. 

As one of the best IT development companies in VA, Leidos is committed to supplying breakthrough solutions and adhering to rigorous security standards. So consider this company if security is your top concern.

8. Virid

Company size: <50


  • Shopify Websites
  • marketAgility Websites
  • eCommerce Revenue Optimization
  • Accessibility Audits
  • Shopify Product Checkup App

The next option in our list of software companies in Virginia is Virid, which specializes in catering to the unique needs of the eCommerce industry. The extensive range of products, services, and expertise allows it to assist you in growing your business. 

This company provides businesses, especially retailers, with a stable eCommerce package, including cloud-based hosting, integration support, software, and ongoing technology consulting. 

One of the key strengths of Virid lies in its award-winning websites. This company also provides tailored solutions to empower your business in multiple ways. 

By partnering with Virid, you will gain access to a comprehensive suite of customized software development services . Its commitments even extend beyond providing technology. So, you will have a strategic partner that guides you in the dynamic landscape. 

9. BetterWorld Technology

Company size: <50


  • Hosting & Software Development
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Remote Management & Monitoring
  • Desktop as a Service
  • Cybersecurity
  • Disaster Recovery & Backup
  • On-Demand IT Help Desk
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Virtual CIO

BetterWorld Technology is another outstanding name in the list of custom software development companies in Virginia. This reliable partner will walk you through the entire journey because the company considers collaboration the key to success. 

Moreover, BetterWorld Technology prioritizes creating fast, simple, and enjoyable user experiences. The team of UX and UI designers crafts easy-to-navigate experiences that focus on customer satisfaction. And by placing the user at the forefront of the design process, this company aims to drive engagement and loyalty. 

By choosing BetterWorld Technology as your partner, you can receive custom-coded software with solid architecture. The solutions are made to adapt and scale seamlessly, ensuring your software can expand and iterate as your business grows. 

Furthermore, as a dedicated partner, BetterWorld Technology offers continuous analysis, consultation, and chances to introduce new features to your software. Your long-term success is what the company targets. 

10. TDMK Digital

Company size: <50


  • Software Development
  • Environment Modernization
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile & Web Applications

Also one of the best Reston app development companies, TDMK provides software development solutions using customized methodologies based on clients’ needs. Those methodologies ensure successful project delivery while emphasizing the importance of customer feedback and continuous product refinement. 

The founder of TDMK is Geng Pongpeauh, a visionary leader in the commercial software industry. With the goal to make a lasting impact on the software landscape, Geng leveraged his expertise to serve Fortune 500 companies and federal initiatives. 

TDMK also prides itself on offering cost-effective results. By striking a balance between excellence and efficiency, the clients receive optimal solutions that satisfy their needs. 

Besides, TDMK’s inception stems from a commitment to inspire exceptional digital user experience and provide agile solutions to its clients. They are what you need to achieve your digital aspirations.  


Hopefully, the top 10 software development companies in Reston, Virginia highlighted above, can help you find your perfect match. They are all leaders in the game and will help you navigate the dynamic digital landscape. 

So, embrace the possibilities now. Then, embark on your next software development journey with confidence. Your partner will guide you through this challenging path.

Thank you for reading!