TouchPath claims industry firsts for new ‘Touch WMS’ warehouse management system


International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath is launching the latest version of its ‘Touch WMS’ warehouse management system, for which it is claiming a number of industry firsts centred on performance optimisation.

Advanced, drag and drop load planning now ensures that pallets are loaded onto a trailer in the correct sequence to match the relevant load plan, avoiding costly incorrect loading. [see loading screen shot attached]

The Touch WMS ‘power picking command centre’ is now highly granular, allowing individual picks to be assigned to an individual picker while tracking their progress in real time on a dedicated screen. Users can now also include three unique KPI performance screens of their choice with their Touch WMS system, to optimise the tracking and measurement of their priority warehouse processes.

Touch WMS supports the full range of warehouse processes. It can now be integrated with a number of leading ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics Nav; Infors LX and M3; SAP; and Oracle.

“Touch WMS has advanced rapidly, in line with user demand and now provides a powerful mix of full, enterprise-level integration with granular, process- and performance-driven control” says TouchPath International CEO David Myers.

TouchPath’s systems technology captures more supply chain information for better business performance and faster ROI. Its unique custom-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems use building blocks that allow TouchPath software to be fully tailored with no limits, in line with user-defined business rules and processes according to the company.

TouchPath has operations in the UK (Faversham, Kent ME13 8AZ) and the USA (Greensboro, NC 27409).