Trailer repair expert extends its coverage with TNS 365


A truck trailer breakdown recovery and repair expert is extending its service coverage thanks to a new partnership.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, RTJ Trailers is based at the Port of Felixstowe but also covers the London Gateway, Tilbury, and Southampton. The company has two workshops in Felixstowe and 11 mobile technicians in service vans providing round-the-clock breakdown recovery. It offers fixed price contracts and pay-as-you-go repair on all types of commercial trailer.

RTJ Trailers is working with fellow breakdown specialist TNS 365 to ensure its customers have nationwide breakdown coverage outside of south and south-east England.

Ken Stewart, director of RTJ Trailers said: “Many of our customers are based locally to us but are hauliers working nationwide. We needed a trusted partner to ensure that, if one of our clients has a breakdown at the other end of the country, they still get the same fast response and high level of service.”

In addition, RTJ is using TNS 365’s contact centre for out of hours emergency calls. “For 20 years another director and I manned the phones at night, but it means you miss out on a lot of sleep,” added Ken. “We’ve built this business on our reputation for customer service. It took a long time for us to find someone we trusted before we outsourced out-of-hours calls.

“We looked at a lot of different companies over the past ten years before going with TNS 365. We got some fantastic testimonials off people who were already working with them. They are a really good fit for our business as they’re an independent company like us, and from the outset it felt like they understood our needs.

“They are specialists like us, focused on the road transport sector, whereas some of the bigger companies we were talking to did everything from cars to HGVs. There’s a risk there that they’ll send out a car mechanic to fix a truck trailer and it ends up creating more delays for our customer. TNS understand the urgency of the issues when a truck breaks down that contains perishable goods or a high value load – you have to get them back on the road ASAP.”

Founded by Adam Drake, TNS 365 is a specialist in call centre provision and offers its own commercial vehicle and trailer breakdown repair solutions.

Adam said: “We’ve built up a strong working relationship with RTJ Trailers which has led to this partnership. We provide them with out-of-hours support and breakdown recovery services outside of their region. In addition, they are a trusted and valued member of our national network, covering breakdowns for our clients in the south and south-east.”

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