VDL Enabling Technologies Group Chooses Infor for ERP Modernization


Infor®, the industry cloud company, today announced that VDL Enabling Technologies Group (ETG) of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is deploying Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise to modernize its enterprise resource planning (ERP) Baan solution. Infor is supporting VDL ETG with this move to the cloud and the realization of its “digital factory” vision.

VDL ETG will use Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise for ERP rollout in this high-tech cluster of VDL Groep. VDL ETG’s responsibilities include producing modules of microchip machines for customers in the semiconductor industry. This move will bring the core production processes, financial and business administration, and various other components to the cloud. The implementation of Infor’s cloud ERP solution will shape the intended digital transformation, further automation of processes, and improved real-time information provision. With this, VDL ETG expects to optimize production quality, efficiency and scalability of operational processes.

The deployment of Infor CloudSuite is necessary because there are many rapid developments in the field of semiconductor equipment manufacturing, which also often involve complex configurations. In addition, the demand for chips continues to skyrocket. Infor’s solution improves the manufacturing process, increases efficiency and reduces risk in the supply chain through improved visibility and control. Infor makes it possible to modernize the ERP environment and shape all core components in VDL ETG’s production process in a single integrated architecture. This facilitates VDL ETG’s “digital factory” vision. The implementation of Infor CloudSuite will be carried out in cooperation with implementation partner Merino Consulting Services.

Minimal risk, maximum possibilities

“We were working with a Baan system. Because Baan was merged into Infor and Infor offers a good fit with our business processes, the choice was logical and we were able to avoid a big-bang switch,” explains Charel van Hoof, digital transformation executive at VDL ETG. “We are switching ‘horizontally’ so that the processes and, for example, code numbers remain recognizable for people. So digital transformation in small, clear parts of our systems each time. The big advantage for us is that many features are integrated into Infor’s CloudSuite. We used to develop many partial applications ourselves. Now that is no longer necessary. Minimal change management and therefore minimal risk, but maximum features and possibilities.”

Growth and scalability

Hein Kivits, Infor’s country manager for the Benelux region, said, “Infor CloudSuite is particularly well suited for deployment at VDL ETG because it is precisely designed to facilitate these types of high-tech industrial companies in their digital transformation and improving their business processes. It enables growth and scalability and facilitates continuous innovation, which is important for the future-proofing of companies like VDL ETG, in a market where a lot is happening. The solution’s rich standard functionality combined with the unburdening that Infor’s software-as-a-service CloudSuite offers means that VDL ETG can focus primarily on its intended business transformation and making operational processes more efficient.”

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise is a modern ERP solution designed specifically for industrial manufacturers to make business processes more efficient and productive. The software provides in-depth, proven capabilities to help companies meet customer demands, maintain employee productivity and get products to market as quickly as possible. Delivered as software-as-a-service in the cloud, CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise offers best practice industry functionality as well as benefits including cost efficiency and scalability, state-of-the-art security and continuous innovation, making costly ERP upgrades a thing of the past.

Learn more about Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise: https://www.infor.com/products/cloudsuite-industrial-enterprise