VEDES Consolidates Logistics Activities with the Help of inconso


VEDES, one of the most important retail companies for play, leisure and family in Europe, has smoothly completed comprehensive logistic modernization measures at its central warehouse location in Lotte/Osnabrück, Germany. The consolidation of all logistics activities was realized on schedule with the implementation of the warehouse management system inconsoWMS from inconso.

Founded in March 1904 by 14 toy retailers as a traditional purchasing cooperative, over the last 115 years VEDES has developed into a B2B2C omnichannel platform of the European toy industry for over 3,700 customers with more than 7,000 locations. Challenging omnichannel processing is optimally supported by the central planning and control platform of inconsoWMS.

One of the system’s key features is intelligent order planning based on flexible, resource-optimized picking in waves or batches. Picking strategies based on this ensure high quality in the supply of all sales channels through efficient processing. VEDES also uses the voice system inconsoVMS (Voice Management System) in the picking area. At peak times, up to 100 users use the system simultaneously. In addition, VEDES handles shipment processing with the inconso add-on inconsoSDS (Shipping & Dispatch System).

In addition, inconso has implemented a mobile solution at the Lotte/Osnabrück site, which supports users during store-in, internal goods transports and picking. With about 90 mobile devices, the processes and workflow were optimized and error rates in picking reduced.

Since the first day, approximately 160 pickers and packers have been working with the new system in multiple shifts. Successful collaboration continues with support services for monitoring that ensure system availability.

“Our main goals have been achieved: We now have forward-looking WMS technology that smoothly replaced the old system and easily enables the implementation of further process optimizations. Now it is time for fine-tuning, which includes the system-supported implementation of a permanent inventory, improved order control, optimization of packaging processes and further reduction of error sources in the entire material flow. Everything is geared toward our motto: ‘What the customer orders, the customer receives.’ We are sure that inconso will support us actively, flexibly and quickly,” says Detlev Hornhues, Head of Logistics at VEDES.