Wagner Logistics Makes Special Delivery for Kids with Mobility Challenges


LEARN Science & Math Club (LEARN), a non-profit organization based in Kansas City, Mo., gave away over 60 customized electric cars and assistive devices for kids with mobility limitations during its annual Geeks for Kids Delivery Day Celebration. Long-time partner and sponsor, Wagner Logistics (Wagner), a leading supply chain management provider, used its specialized handling skills to transport and deliver the vehicles for the kids June 3. 

“Sixty-four kids will receive cars from us this spring. Fifty-two of the kids received their vehicle during the annual Geeks for Kids Delivery Day Celebration,” said Rebecca Kidwell, President of LEARN Science & Math Club. “We will deliver cars to the remaining kids who are either too ill to travel or live in other parts of the U.S. and cannot travel here to pick up their vehicle.”

LEARN’s annual Geeks for Kids Delivery Day Celebration is the result of volunteers from local colleges, businesses and the community devoting their time, skills and resources to customize electric vehicles to help children with mobility limitations move from place-to-place in a cool, tricked-out car, instead of relying on wheelchairs and family assistance. Receiving the gift of new-found mobility increases confidence, provides a sense of independence for the vehicle recipients and their families, while empowering each child to play and explore life on their own.

“The ability and opportunity to help deliver independent mobility to these children is an honor and gives Wagner the opportunity to support our community in additional ways,” said Brian Smith, CEO of Wagner Logistics. “The work that all of LEARN’s Geeks for Kids volunteers achieve is amazing and it helps so many families prepare their children for a brighter future.”

In the U.S., over 500,000 kids under age five have mobility challenges. Lack of access to movement support devices often results in social, intellectual and physical deprivation. LEARN’s Geeks for Kids volunteers build cars that help kids develop and make friends.

“Without sponsors and volunteers for our organization, like Wagner, we wouldn’t be able to help these children,” said Kidwell. “Wagner has been an invaluable sponsor, providing transportation that allows us to get our cars and other assistive devices to our kids on Delivery Day for three years.”