WALLIX Authenticator: Strong Authentication to Accelerate the Digital Transformation


WALLIX (Euronext ALLIX), a European cybersecurity vendor specialising in privileged access management (PAM) has launched WALLIX Authenticator, its new multi-factor authentication solution. As cyber-attacks increase with the proliferation of remote access and remote working, the cyber risks associated with the digital transformation are exploding. Moreover, with organisations migrating IT systems to the cloud, the development of connected objects, the massification of data and the resulting big data, is bringing new vulnerabilities which can be easily exploited.

With WALLIX Authenticator, users are asked to provide an additional level of identification, such as entering a code from a mobile phone or scanning a fingerprint. The multiple authentication requirement is a quick and simple way to limit identity theft and ensure that business data is secure. With today’s concept of the extended enterprise, it is no longer possible to establish trust solely based on the networks and terminals used. The principle of Zero Trust must be applied to all access with systematic identity control of connected users.

WALLIX, experts in identity and access security, help organisations govern and protect all access keys wherever they are – inside the company network, remote, or in the cloud. Secure access is provided to infrastructure and privileged accounts through WALLIX Bastion, access to workstations with WALLIX BestSafe, and access to business applications with WALLIX Trustelem.

WALLIX Authenticator naturally enriches WALLIX’s range of solutions to provide an essential level of security with identity management of all users. This gives businesses the added confidence that the entire perimeter of the organisation is safeguarded.

“WALLIX Authenticator integrates seamlessly into our customers’ environments, regardless of applications or uses, while giving users an experience of fluidity and ease of use. Its complementary nature with our privileged account management solution and identity federation platform creates immediate added value in the market for our customers and partners. At a time when remote access and telecommuting are massively transforming the way we work, we have opted for the best agility/security compromise we could offer, both for large organisations and small businesses looking for an immediate return on investment,” said Jean-Noel De Galzain, CEO of WALLIX.

 With the addition of WALLIX Authenticator to its portfolio, WALLIX is introducing a new cybersecurity value chain to its network of distributor and reseller partners. Partners benefit from WALLIX support to market and deploy strong authentication through existing WALLIX solutions or as a stand-alone product.

WALLIX Authenticator is a CSPN-certified technology powered by InWebo, a historic partner of WALLIX’s alliance network, and from whom WALLIX is able to leverage strong, high-level authentication expertise.

Mark De Simone, Vice President and Managing Director at WALLIX, explains: “With more customers embracing remote working and the cloud it is imperative to provide a robust technology platform which addresses the changing cyber security demands. The WALLIX Authenticator is an easy to deploy solution enabling organisations to safeguard data in a new era of cybersecurity threats. Privileged access management is a critical component to strong cyber security hygiene and the WALLIX Authenticator is a natural extension offering an additional level of protection.”