Walmart Canada To Install GreyOrange Robotics Technology at New Alberta Fulfillment Center


GreyOrange, the fulfillment platform leader, which is known for its innovative robotics technology; is part of the $118 million investment that is going into Walmart Canada’s newest fulfillment center located in Alberta, just outside of Calgary. The center, slated to open in September 2022, aims to be a keystone in the retailer’s plan to expand, revolutionize and transform its best-in-class supply chain network while increasing its e-commerce capabilities to better serve Walmart customers.

The Alberta center is part of a major investment of $3.5 billion by Walmart Canada to simplify online and in-store shopping for its customers across Canada. The 430,000 square feet facility will serve as a delivery hub for Western Canada’s customers. The introduction of GreyOrange’s technology will aid in quicker service as well as inventory availability both online and in-store and is the first of its kind to be part of Walmart Canada. GreyOrange’s operating system will speed up orders by helping associates store, pick and store items using abilities that allow the processing of a larger and wider variety of inventory.

“The GreyOrange omnichannel fulfillment platform will enable multiple types of robotic agents for goods-to-person picking as well as sortation,” said Apurva Vadera, Retail Consulting Partner, GreyOrange. “The multi-floor solution is designed to store more than half a million SKUs and dispatch more than 20 million items annually. Real-time optimization and multi-agent orchestration through the platform will reduce the order fulfillment time for pick, pack, sort, and dispatch to just a few minutes.”

The investment comes tied to Walmart’s goal of providing two-day delivery to all their customers across the country. This facility in particular will be able to ship over 20 million items annually, will have storage for 500,000 items, all while optimizing packaging, minimizing waste, and reducing transportation costs.

In October 2021, Walmart sister company Sam’s Club implemented GreyOrange technology within its innovation-focused fulfillment center in Perris, California.