Why the average Joe might want to invest into a 3d printing machine


Owning a 3D printer doesn’t just have to be the preserve of big factories and those offering commercial 3D printing services. In a world of subcontracting engineering and outsourcing, residential DIY fantatics may also want to bring things in house.

Reasons to buy a 3D printer as an average person

If you love making and creating things, you’ve got an innovative design-driven side to you, then a 3D printing machine might be worth investing in. It is the perfect way to take those fun ideas you have in your head and to turn them into reality. There are several benefits to having a 3D printer.

Let’s take a look at some of the fun and creative ways that you can use a 3D printer:

  1. Create personalised gifts

If you have always liked to make gifts at home for your friends, family, and loved ones, then a 3D printer could take your game to the next level. Your friends know how much effort you put into creating personalised gifts that mean the world to them, and this approach to using 3D printed materials will show them how much you care. Whether you choose to create a vase to put flowers in, or something a little more creative for them to cherish, the world is your oyster.

  1. Use it to decorate your home

Alongside gifts for others, why not use a 3D printer to decorate your home? Create energetic and fun photo frames, vases, decorations for the bookcase, and much more. This really comes into its own around Christmas and other seasonal events, where you can create 3D printed ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree, or other areas of the home.

  1. Fix broken items

There is more to a 3D printer than just creating new things as a hobby. If you have an item that is broken and you think that all it needs is a small replacement part, a 3D printer can be used to create this part or component with little cost. Think about how easy it is to fix a broken flowerpot or a self-watering planter that has a chip in it. 3D printing could change the game for you.

  1. Keep your costs down

Once you get into the flow with 3D printing, you’ll find that it becomes easier to create and fix, to print things that might otherwise cost you a lot of money to buy. New phone cases, showerheads, and a whole host of household and personal items that you would otherwise pay big bucks for potentially, can be printed at home in 3D and used to cut your costs.

  1. They are eco-friendly

Reducing your carbon footprint is important. There is a big consumption culture problem in the world, and with 3D printing we can reduce waste and create things in our daily lives with ease, things that we actually use. The impact of this is to reduce our energy, our consumer consumption, and  cut down residual waste. 3D printing provides a sustainable approach to consumption.

  1. Create a business

Of course, if you see all this and you begin to like creating new items and fixing things with your 3D printer, you could also consider creating a business out of it and scaling up accordingly. If you’re interested in creating listings for 3D printed items to sell on Etsy or eBay, such as jewelry or home decor items, this could be a good start to a side hustle or the beginnings of a full-time venture. To ensure the success of your business, it’s important to continue learning. Visit Income Artist where you can read about how to build connections, handle finances, and utilize technology to your advantage.

Benefits of commercial 3D printing

Of course, alongside the advantages of getting into 3D printing as an average Joe, if you do need access to something on a larger scale, for a business or large project, there are a few benefits to looking for a commercial 3D printing service. These include:

A fast service – in just a few hours you can have exactly what you require from a 3D printing service, due to the fast set-up time required for such services.

An affordable service – when comparing 3D printing to injection moulding and other techniques, the costs are much lower due to the lack of upfront costs.

Add the detail – 3D printing can be as detailed or simple as you require, with no slower pace for a more detailed piece.

Robust finished product – there are a few different materials that can be used within 3D printing, and this provides the chance to create robust finished products that last.

Try different designs – 3D printing is fast and easy, so you can try a few different designs first before committing to the finished larger production run, without it costing too much.

Scale easily – a design can be 3D printed once or in the 1000s. Whatever you need, a commercial 3D printing service can help you scale within your budgets and demand.

As you can see, the benefits of 3D printing for both commercial and smaller-scale personal use are plentiful. The future of 3D printing is an exciting one, and as the technology and techniques improve, the process should become even simpler and more detailed. This is an exciting prospect for both businesses and enthusiasts looking to 3D print in their spare time or on a small scale.