WOCO Group implements Shippeo real-time visibility for holistic view of global transport operations


Woco Group, one of Europe’s automotive component specialists, has selected Shippeo, the European leader in real-time transportation visibility solutions, to unify management of its supply chain transportation globally.

With a turnover of 615 million euros achieved in 2020 and almost 5,000 employees, the systems and components manufacturer is primarily focused on the automotive industry, producing acoustics solutions, controllers and polymer systems, to improve acoustic comfort and safety in automobiles. Beyond Automotive, Woco specialises in anti-vibration systems for rail technology and industrial applications, as well as on functional solutions for measurement, control and piping systems.

Operating within the automotive sector demands exceptional supply chain management and synchronization parts of deliveries for both suppliers and OEMs alike to ensure assembly lines run smoothly. The consequences of an unplanned production line halt can result in hundreds of thousands of lost euros for OEMs and both reputational damage and financial penalties for suppliers, making the stakes high when it comes to guaranteeing on-time deliveries.

With Woco’s supply chain spanning 21 plants in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, logistics flows were decentralised, making it difficult to get a clear view of end-to-end freight movements. By implementing Shippeo’s real-time visibility platform, Woco gains a holistic view across their entire operation throughout 10 countries, including road, parcel and maritime transportation, to achieve a truly global perspective. The company will also be able to identify problematic flows more easily and gain a better understanding of the performance of carriers. This insight will greatly aid in optimising their supply chain design, to reduce costs, improve delivery date adherence and ultimately customer satisfaction.

The Woco Group is an international supplier for leading automotive OEMs, including Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Skoda, Volkswagen and Volvo. With such high profile customers, the company needed a real-time transportation visibility solution that could help them better evaluate their delivery performance within the organisation.

“With supply chain visibility from Shippeo, we have a globally consistent transportation management system that supports us in supply chain optimisation.” explains Stefan Kempf, Woco’s VP Global Supply Chain Management, adding that “global footprint throughout North America and APAC as well as Europe was a critical factor in choosing to work with Shippeo. Their ability to track freight across all of our transportation modes, be it maritime, road or parcel, was also an important requirement for our global operation.”

Shippeo’s COO Lucien Besse is thrilled to welcome Woco into the Shippeo community. “Given how critically important visibility is for the automotive sector, we couldn’t be more proud to have been chosen to work with Woco. There is a clear values alignment given their focus on product performance and service and we’re excited about the role we can play in helping Woco transform their capabilities in the visibility space.”