16 Outstanding Tools That Make Writing Easier in 2020

Writing has come a long way, from the days of manuscripts to automated text production. But one thing has remained unchanged — the constant demand for top-quality written content. Everyone wants to read an emotionally engaging article, blog post, or even email. They want value for the time and money invested in your written piece.

However, the reality remains that most writers struggle to maintain an impeccable standard of quality in their writing. Think about it: a writer at a college paper writing service has to deal with the pressure of deadlines and other exigent factors. But fortunately, the age of ‘manual’ writing is in the rearview mirror. The app store is now full of helpful writing tools to improve productivity and overall quality of writing.

So, we have gathered a comprehensive list of some of the best writing tools available on the internet and grouped them into categories.

Let’s check them out!

Note-taking tools

We often come up with ideas on the fly without being able to write them down. The note-taking apps serve as a receptacle for your thoughts and raw ideas.

1.   Scrivener

Scrivener is a writing aid used mostly by creative writers working on large-volume texts. The app helps you collect ideas from bits and fragments and develop them into full-scale manuscripts and books.

2.   Evernote

Evernote is a handy tool for writers of  all genres because it allows you to take instant notes, including transcribed dictations. The app also allows collaboration between team members. You can also access your notes on multiple devices.

3.   Ulysses

This app provides extra connectivity features, allowing writers to publish their content directly to WordPress and Medium. Ulysses also provides the same organization capabilities as Scrivener and Evernote.

4.   Living Writer

The Living Writer app allows writers to connect plotlines in their books easily. The app is similar to Scrivener and is a perfect substitute for traditional word processors.


Grammar checkers

Shaky grammar always tarnishes the integrity of a great piece of writing. Blatant mistakes wreck your reputation as a writer. Grammar tools will save your hide in these situations. The most effective and popular grammar checkers include:

1.   Grammarly

This app is one of the most popular grammar tools on the market. Grammarly not only detects spelling errors but also recommends the appropriate tone for your target audience. Not only that, you can install the plugin to your word processor for real-time suggestions while writing.

2.   Hemmingway App

This app, named after the renowned writer, uses a self-editing AI program to detect inconsistencies in grammar and sentence structure. The Hemingway App will also help you reduce filler words in your text without weakening the central idea.

3.   Cliche Finder

If you are worried about using corny cliches in your writing, Cliche Finder will straighten you out. The app will highlight the cliche expressions in your sentence and help you polish your writing. Cliche Finder will also come in handy for writers trying to develop a unique style.

4.   Scribens

This app is one of the free writing tools that will provide a detailed deconstruction of your text. Scribens will help you spot redundancies, colloquial and awkward sentences, as well as pejoratives.

5.   CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

A classy headline is always an immediate attention grabber. This tool is not a grammar checker; it simply helps to make sure your headlines hit the mark. You can check your headline score and make improvements before posting.


Planners and ToDo apps

Planning is half of the writing process. If you jump into writing any piece without a strategy, you will struggle to produce top quality content. Here are some writing tools that will help you improve your productivity:

1.   To Doist

To Doist is the perfect app for those who struggle with keeping track of their pending and completed tasks. This app provides you with a periodic rundown of the tasks based on priority.

2.   Noisli

Yes, some writers cannot function in complete silence. At the same time, distracting pop music can affect your concentration. Noisli offers the ‘white noise’ alternative according to your preference.

3.   Freedom

Freedom is a concentration app that blocks the internet when you write. This app is useful during crunch time when you are ready to finalize a project.

4.   Trello

Trello is a tool that helps you manage projects. You can set and assign tasks, monitor deadlines, and regulate activities. The Trello board will also help you organize your content based on a specified strategy.

5.   Asana

Asana is also a project management app that helps you track your progress on various tasks simultaneously. You can create a calendar, set reminders, and monitor the completion rate of multiple projects.


Workspace gear

Some essential hardware that can make your writing experience a breeze and improve your writing quality include:

1.   Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones will help you get in the zone when you are writing. You can tune out background distractions completely.

2.   Protective glasses


Sometimes, you spend hours in front of the laptop, which leads to headaches and blurred vision. These forms of physical discomfort will always affect your ability to concentrate on the task before you. As a result, you will find yourself taking frequent breaks to ‘clear your head.’

Don’t strain your eyes further! Get UV-protective eyewear to protect your eyes from the harmful rays and exposure to screens.

The writing tools we’ve described above (both hardware and software) will help you become a better writer performing at optimum efficiency. Start using these tools today and witness remarkable changes in your output!


Amanda Dudley is a top-level editor at EssayUSA. Her experience as a writer has given her the required expertise to work on complicated tasks. Amanda also heads a team of professional writers dedicated to providing unparalleled quality in terms of content.



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