3 Strategies For Defense Contractors To Gain More Government Buyers


One of the most difficult things about being a defense contractor is how to get more projects with the Department of Defense (DOD). This industry is often shrouded in cloak-and-dagger secrecy, and the general public’s notion is that most of these projects are top secret. However, many of the DOD projects are published even if contractors do sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

The DOD has a fairly open and transparent process for applying as a contractor and a provider. Unless you’re a big-ticket DOD contractor, chances are you’re also looking for ways to grow your clientele and develop more business with the defense programs and projects. Here are a few suggested strategies that can help you gain more government buyers or get more projects as a defense contractor.

1. Improve Digital Presence Through Blogs

One of the fastest ways a defense contractor can make their company known is through blogging. Launching a blog for your company is a very cost-efficient and effective way to get the word out about your business to a wide audience. This could be a suitable way to market yourself, especially if you’re into IT and cybersecurity subsectors of defense contracting.

In a recent study done by Market Connections, they found that more and more decision-makers in government are turning to blogs for their research. The Federal Media and Marketing study went over how 3,700 decision-makers in the federal government consumed content and media. They examined what media and websites were visited and read by decision-makers. The study also looked into the demographics of the participants and asked the participants about their current job roles and functions, as well as their purchasing behavior. 

Blogs are simple articles found in some pages of a website. It typically has functionalities that allow the readers to leave and post their comments, and it usually has a share button that lets readers forward the link to their contacts. Hence, more defense contractors are realizing that having and maintaining a blog is one of the fastest and easiest way to promote themselves and capture the attention of government officials. 

The thing with blogs, though, is that they often just contain raw information about the company and the website. To be able to generate interest from decision-makers, market analysts suggest that blogs should present content that spark the interest and attract the attention of government buyers. Specifically, these blogs should contain information and insights about the latest issues the defense industry faces. 

2. Organize Conferences And Invite Decision-Makers

Another way for defense contractors to generate more business from government buyers is to organize conferences and forums, which should center on the pressing issues surrounding the defense and security sectors and stakeholders in national security. Decision-makers in defense and national security often hold meetings between and among themselves. But these meetings are often closed-door meetings, and members of the private sector or the general public aren’t welcome in these meetings. But defense contractors don’t have to wait to be invited by government officials to their meetings. 

What the billion-dollar listed defense contractors do is that they organize their own private-sector led and private-sector-funded conferences and forums. They then send invitations to government officials who are part of defense and national security. This is a very effective way of getting introduced to government executives. The government officials are usually invited as guest speakers in conferences and forums where they speak about current issues, as well as prospects and challenges that the defense sector currently deals with. 

These events give defense contractors the opening they need to introduce themselves. They’re able to engage the government officials, and they get to push their questions and inquiries in the proper forum. And in a way, that gives them the opportunity to gather contact details of government officials. 

3. Attend Trade Exhibits To Showcase Products Or Services

A more direct way to showcase their products and latest technological breakthroughs to government decision-makers is by organizing or participating in trade shows and exhibits. Organizers of these trade shows and exhibits usually invite defense and military officials to deliver speeches or interact with the media in press conferences.

During these trade shows and exhibits, defense contractors present their company, their products, as well as their past and ongoing defense contracts with government agencies. This allows them to give officials some sort of a product preview into what they can supply to the government. They also show visual presentations about their latest products and equipment.



There’s a convenient process for applying to become a DOD contractor. As long as you’re able to submit and comply with all the requirements, you’ll most likely get signed up as a contractor. Winning bids for projects is a different thing altogether. The bidding processes are usually competitive. But there are effective ways to grow your prospects of getting more projects from the DOD.