3Gtms/Greenscreens.ai integrate to create intelligent pricing tool


3Gtms, a global provider of the modern-day transportation management system (TMS), today announced a partnership with Greenscreens.ai integrating intelligent spot market pricing with 3Gtms’ load execution. This integration allows brokers and 3PLs to seize more opportunities with faster, smarter pricing to quote spot market loads with confidence.

Greenscreens.ai works by analyzing historical pricing information relative to real-time market conditions to determine the right spot price for any load, on any lane. Intelligent pricing is accessible within the 3G TMS and becomes an instant, integrated component of the quote-to-cash load execution workflow. The solution reduces time, uncertainty, and friction involved with pricing and booking loads, as the software automates the process often manually managed by multiple users. The result is improved operational productivity with more closed deals, quotes issued, and loads per broker.

“I’m excited about the Greenscreens.ai partnership as it is a force-multiplier for our broker clients. Real-time market conditions, historical analysis and advanced pricing AI provide instant quotes for both buy and sell side,” said JP Wiggins, VP of Corporate Development, 3Gtms. “And because it is directly integrated into 3Gtms’s operational workflow – agents can work more loads and create better pricing than ever before.”

3Gtms has identified three factors that influence a brokerage’s growth: capacity to transact and execute, award win rates, and margins on each fulfilled load. As a result, 3Gtms and Greenscreens.ai have integrated intelligent pricing into the load execution workflow to support all three elements of brokerage growth through faster execution and smarter pricing, resulting in higher win-rate confidence.

Dawn Salvucci, CEO and Chief Product Officer at Greenscreens.ai, adds, “Greenscreens.ai empowers brokers and 3PLs to move more freight and quote with confidence. By integrating Greenscreens.ai with 3Gtms, powerful pricing intelligence and decision support are available at the click of a button allowing brokers and 3PLs to make better business decisions faster.”

Established brokers are not the only beneficiaries of the partnership. Growing brokerages can leverage 3Gtms’ Smart Start for Freight Brokers™ and Greenscreens.ai’s “starter” package without a historic data requirement, propelling growth quickly and cost-effectively during the critical early stages of the brokerage.