5G: Here to improve society & life online


5G is the further development of wireless technology, following 3G, which led to smartphones, and 4G, which has allowed faster browsing on the web and watching videos on the move. When will people see 5G in action?

The answer is: it’s already here. The four main mobile networks in the UK have already begun rolling out 5G services. Meanwhile, tech businesses have been creating devices that are ready to work with 5G.


5G and its impact on society

5G will have a major impact for the better on society, which is becoming more mobile and using more data than ever before. The speed outshines 4G massively. Internet users will be able to enjoy faster download speeds and can download a movie within seconds, whereas on 4G the movie is in a little less of a hurry to make it to a device.

5G allows more devices to use the internet at the same time. The presence of lots of users on the network all using it at the same time saturates the network and can cause it to fail. 5G will reduce the instances of this.

Somewhat in connection with this, this innovation will increase reach. It’s not just a question of more devices being able to use the network, but also of more users. As the network builds out, it’s availability will increase, too.

Best of all, 5G may reduce general frustration with the network. The faster internet means people will be able to browse the internet and the internet will respond almost in real time because the network is so much quicker.


5G and the world of online casino

Operators in the world of online casino will be watching very carefully to see how developments play out. The industry is one that follows technological developments very closely. The level of competition is high and operators want to offer players the best experience (and steal an edge on their competitors). Keeping up with tech is an important part of this.

Online casinos are always looking for ways to improve their customer experience. One way is to offer plenty of variety so they can retain players and attract new ones. Slots, casino games and sports betting are options many offer. Pleasing visuals, music and general good usability, whether on a mobile app or on a mobile version of a website, can also help the casino to engage its customers.

Another is to provide an experience as close to playing in a brick-and-mortar casino as possible. As part of this, they offer live table games with dealers and the players can stream the game into their homes. Unfortunately, the functionality for this is much more limited on smart devices and they can only do this mostly on desktop computers and laptop computers. The camera also focuses only on the dealer and the table itself.

In the world of 5G, however, online casinos may be able to improve the experience. There is even talk that the players in a game could all FaceTime somehow and be visible at the playing table. This would encourage interaction between the players at the table and give the game a more social feel.,

5G could also help the implementation of virtual reality technology in online gaming. VR is already becoming a part of the experience. Now there is talk of “haptic feedback”, which simulates touch when people interact with something in real life. Players would be able to feel the cards they’re holding and any buttons they hit when playing online slots.



Just now there was mention of streaming games. On 4G, this can sometimes be problematic because the signal can cut out or it can be hard to connect at all if the player is on the move around the city. Highly frustrating.

5G can resolve some of these issues, however. It is mainly developed with the urban in mind and operates on higher frequency bands. Lower frequency bands function over longer distances and 4G operators will be improving their 4G coverage. Unfortunately, for people who are living in rural areas, coverage will still be patchy, unless government subsidies make it more worthwhile for operators to venture out to them and improve the coverage.


5G-based cloud-based gaming in the wider world

In the wider world, gaming fans currently enjoy cloud-based streaming on their consoles.

However, in the 5G world, consoles aren’t going to be the only devices that will make the most of game-streaming tech from the cloud. The world is going ever more mobile and some developers are already getting excited about the potential of cloud-based mobile gaming. They suggest that processing power wouldn’t necessarily depend on the phone, but on a server instead.

Leading operators have already cottoned on to the cloud-based potential of gaming and are developing 5G offerings specifically for mobile. If a user has a 5G data plan, they could, ultimately, enjoy higher quality games.

One company that have gotten wise to the trend is Samsung. They’ve developed technology to accommodate 5G offerings in the mobile gaming world.

5G has really generated some excitement in the tech world. The potential to improve the experience of using the internet is vast and 5G could make a lot of people’s lives easier when they go online. It may still be a while before 5G is fully available, but good times will arrive when it is finally here for everyone.